Wordless Wednesday: Where are all the fairies?

I sounded like a broken record on Saturday, telling my husband over and over again that I needed to clean and work on Sunday. Then the beautiful weather came, and I took one look at my kids and decided that we needed to spend the day outside under the sun. So we took a ride… [read more]

Wordless Wednesday: Baby on the Move!

I may never sit again!

Wordless Wednesday: All in a day’s work


I used to put on heels every day to sell groceries. Now I grow things and clear ditches with tools like this. I think I need new shoes.

Wordless Wednesday: Am I the only mom who does this?


 I can’t stop comparing photos! (Please tell me you do it, too.) So, what do you think? Do they look alike at 5 months old? …and a favorite from the 4th of July. When I named him Finn, I had hoped he’d be a river boy like Daddy. I definitely got my wish!

Wordless Wednesday: Honeybees!


This is a photo of my parents’ new willow tree. But, if you look closely, there’s something else there.. It’s a swarm of honeybees! There was a time when the sight of them would have scared me out of the yard. But now that the health of some bees is in jeopardy, I’m just really… [read more]