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Garden Pea Puree!

The last day of my 3-day mini vacation and it’s going to RAIN? So not cool.

Oh well. I decided to savor every minute of my day off with my boy anyway. First, I savored this cup of Granbiotics vanilla almond granola with So Delicious coconut milk, a few cranberries and half a nanner. I think I may have started a new love affair with coconut milk. It’s SO good (swoon-worthy even), and I love that it’s vegan and high in B12.

Don’t worry almond milk, I still love you and I always will…

The other half of the nanner found it’s way into a much smaller tummy. I’ve SO been looking forward to sharing food!

I felt like carrot casserole (funny, you don’t look like a carrot casserole:D ) Unfortunately, the carrots weren’t quite ready…

But the PEAS were! Woohoo! Some wouldn’t be so excited, perhaps, but me? I’m stoked to make Garden Pea Puree!

I shelled these bad boys and steamed them until soft in my (broken) steamer. 

I then pureed them in my little puree machine, which I proceeded to break. Looks like I’ll be investing in a better food processor even sooner than I thought! :(  The last step was pushing them through my strainer to remove any pieces that didn’t puree. Once your baby is past stage one foods, this step really isn’t necessary anymore.

The little bit I had time to pick yielded 4 servings when mixed with just a little water, 3 of which I put into one of my KidCo. BPA-free baby food freezer tray for another day (I have the food mill, too, but we’re not quite there yet.) I left the puree a little thick so I could thin it out with breastmilk before serving each cube (purees freeze better without the milk…save that for later, when you’re getting ready to serve.)

This puree turned out a rad shade of green! Can you tell by this little face that it tasted pretty good, too? 

Next time, we make the BIG BATCH!

Since Mommy and Daddy have a slightly bigger appetite, and lots of fresh produce to use up, we ended up with a bit of a hodge-podge for dinner  (My favorite! I’m so laid back and unstructured like that, you know... ;) )

A little too yellow, perhaps, but super good with a super short ingredients list! Fresh corn, broccoli from the garden, Low & Slow white sweet potatoes, a yellow tomater, and a few tiny chicken tenderloins. (I ended up giving mine to the husbo…just wasn’t feeling the chix.) Oh yeah, and salt, pepper, garlic and olive oil. That’s it.

What color is your food?

A full day of healthy foods and baby snuggles. Rain or no rain, it doesn’t get much better than that.


Do you make or plan to make homemade baby food? What is your favorite recipe?

What is your favorite pea recipe? I need LOTS!


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Baja Fish Tacos

We had a few dreary days in a row, so it was so nice to stick my face out into the bright sunshine yesterday! 

Until the inside of my house reached 81 degrees, that is! I’m SO glad we got our run in before 8am. Otherwise, I think it would have been too hot to have little bugger out in the stroller.

Once the husbo got home, I didn’t even have to ask twice before he broke out the AC for the year. If not for the little one, we may have held off a while, but that cold air was SWEET!

The heatwave was the perfect time to try out the Baja Fish Taco recipe I’d been anxious to whip up. I first saw fish tacos on a trip to Los Angeles in the early 90s, and everyone back in PA thought they were so weird. I thought they were light and fresh with lots of flavor possibilities…I was hooked!

I’m usually not a recipe follower (I like to play with pinches and dashes too much), but this one just looked too tempting to pass up. Perfect for a hot day…and I managed to get through it without making too many substitutions!

I found it here:

You can find it HERE.

Don’t you think every recipe should start out with this kind of COLOR!?

A drizzle of honey, a spritz of lime, and some S&P…

I was wishing I had a substitute, but I didn’t, so I went FULL-ON MAYO for the slaw…

I was crushed to find that my just-purchased avocado was all funky inside. But then I remembered I had this newbie in my fridge. I grabbed it out of curiosity–little did I know how handy (and tasty!) it would be!

Sizzlin’ tilapia (I substituted just for the halibut :P )

The finished product: Slaw, salsa, avo-hummus, and tilapia tucked into a whole wheat tortilla (my only real change to this recipe: the whole wheat.) This was fresh, flavorful and just plain yummy! AND easy enough to make with a baby on your hip. (Snap.)

Leave it to the Food Network. 

The husbo gave dinner the seal of approval, and provided dessert! It seems that someone he works with has an abundance of sweet, local berries….see how they’re not all big and white! LOVE local, natural berries.

I rummaged around looking for a suitable accompaniment, then realized that these berries were nice enough to shine on their own. Sometimes, the simplest approach is definitely the best. 

 Just rinsed and sliced…oh, where did that dark chocolate come from? ;)

Ahhh, It’s starting to feel like summer!


What’s your favorite warm weather meal? 

What do you do with a strawberry surplus?


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Hello, Broccoli

It’s the first official broccoli harvest of the season!

Insert catchy line about  broccoli here…hmmm…I really want to tell you that it’s that time of the season to rock out with your brocc out, but that’s just too horrible…

Anyhoo, I took this picture only a few days ago, and these lovelies had doubled in size by yesterday! I figured we’d better harvest before they either: A. took off (one had already bolted) or B. the little buggers got them (one of the hazards of being pesticide and chemical free!)

Enter: foil packet, olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic.

On the grill with some cute little chicken tenderloins.

Mayo, Dijon mustard and seven  PEPPADEWS! YUM!

Wrapped it up in whole wheat with a little spizznach and grated carrot.

And VOILA! Healthy spring dinner, in no time. 

Pretty easy on the budget, too! 


What’s your favorite way to enjoy broccoli?  I have a feeling there’s a lot coming my way, so I could use some quick and easy prep ideas!


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Quesadilla Casserole

As promised, Quesadilla Casserole! Because woman cannot live on oats alone…

I had a coupon for McCormick’s new Recipe Inspirations, so I picked up the one that included the spices and recipe card for Quesadilla Casserole. I chose that one because I happened to have most of the ingredients on hand at the time, and I’m SO glad I did!

Have you seen these? 

They come with one recipe card and all of the individual spices needed to complete the recipe. 

I’ll admit, at first I thought this was just a clever way to jack up the price of simple spices. But once I thought about it, it’s a great idea for people who don’t have full spice racks and those who won’t use a whole container of a given spice. This way, the spices are always fresh and if you really like the recipe enough to make it again, you can go buy the full sizes.

I found these at 2/$3, and I had 2 $1 coupons. I also found a tearpad at the store that gave me another $1 off fresh meat with the purchase of 2 McCormick spices, so I basically got 2 spice cards for the grand total of: FREE!

Love FREE!

You can find the original recipe here, but I can never resist changing things up, ABCGP-style, and trying to up the health factor as much as possible.

Here are the tweaks I made:

–The original McCormick recipe called for beef, so I substituted extra lean ground turkey.

–I swapped out the white flour tortillas for a 100% whole wheat variety (white tortillas = gut glue!) 

–I used organic tomato sauce, organic beans, organic corn and organic onion. I also amped up the veggie content by adding in some pureed organic carrots.

–I cut the cheese (Ha ha!) No really, I cut the amount of cheese called for by a lot.  (I’m having a major anti-dairy moment in my life right now.) My husband just added extra cheese to his individual serving and all was well.

–Finally, I used frozen veggies instead of canned, lowering the sodium content. I have hypertension, so this is a big one for me. Any time you can use fresh or frozen veggies instead of canned, you’re lowering sodium in your recipe (also a good idea because of the BPA found in many canned goods.)

This recipe basically has 5 easy steps.

1. The browning: turkey and onion.

2 The dumping: this is the good stuff (tomato sauce, black beans, corn, chiles, carrot)

3. More dumping: the spices (chili powder, cumin, garlic, oregano, crushed red pepper)

4. The layering: Layer filling, tortillas, cheese, filling, tortillas, cheese, …you get the idea.

5. The baking: Bake at 350º long enough to heat through and melt the cheese, about 15 minutes.

I was a little short on tomato sauce, and the edges were a bit crisp (you can see it in the photo), but I quite liked them that way. In recipes like this, the tortillas tend to get really soggy, and these weren’t at all.

And there you have it! It’s as simple as that. You end up with a really affordable, flavorful meal that doesn’t have any “shady” artificial ingredients. Lots of fiber, lots of protein, lots of veggies, and very little fat or sodium: You can’t find that in many Mexican restaurants! And, you can personalize it to fit your tastes and dietary preferences, just like I did. A great option for those nights when leafy greens just don’t seem substantial enough (this one is a sure husband-pleaser.) 

I’m thrilled to have a new recipe to add to my Favorites Collection.

A buck well spent! (…if I’d actually paid anything for it, that is.) Next up, the Garlic Lime Fajitas!


Have you tried McCormick Recipe Inspirations? Did you find them as “inspirational” as I did?

What are some of your favorite recipe substitutions?


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