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Visit Wendy’s and Win $6000 in #6secondsflat #ABCGP6

*Today’s post about Wendy’s Chicken Flatbread Sandwiches was financially supported by Wendy’s and the #6secondsflat video challenge.

Imagine this: You’re a foodie, and a health-conscious one, at that. You strive to make the best choices at every turn, and all your friends and family know it. Oddly enough, some people still choose to hang out with you and maybe even travel with you. (Haha) One Saturday, you find yourself en route to an out-of-town baby shower and everyone wants to eat.

Where do you stop that will make everyone happy?

Suggest Wendy’s, and nobody will roll their eyes at you like they did when you suggested they all pack small bags of almonds in their purse. You might even win a little cred for surprising everyone!

Wendys Win $6000

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