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The Sunshine Vitamin: Ddrops Giveaway {Ends 4/4}

You know what’s really frustrating? When you have all the motivation in the world to get out and RUN, but there are big, fat snowflakes falling everywhere.


I’m just so ready for spring. Playing outside with the kids, planting the garden, running my butt off…all of it. A little simple sunshine would make me so happy! All winter I craved the sun, and since you can’t just take care of that craving at the drive-thru, I was pretty much out of luck.┬áBut, in the meantime, I did start taking vitamin D supplements while waiting for the sun to return. I have a friend who strongly believes in the benefits of D for immunity, and since I was so afraid of getting sick during the final months of my flu-season pregnancy, I upped my intake in an effort to stay healthy for baby and keep those winter bugs away. Continue reading


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