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The Best Laid Plans: When healthy habits don’t equal good health

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but I’ve been conspicuously absent from my own blog lately.

Sure, I’ve posted a few things here or there, and a couple reviews for some fantastic Earth Month sponsors, but the personal posts have been few and far between.

The reason? I’ve been SICK.  Really sick. I picked up some kind of virus way back in January, and it’s been hanging on ever since. Of course I’ve also been really busy with work and all the household chores that come with a new spring, so time has been terribly tight. And it seems that every time I start feeling better and get a few moments to do something fun (like blogging, or gardening, or painting, or just watching a crappy TV show) I find myself flat-on-my-back sick again with barely enough energy to shower.

It’s wearing on me. Hard. Continue reading


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