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Family Vacation: the importance of skipping town once in a while

My recent health issues (of both body and mind) have really caused me to pause lately and look at a phrase I throw around a lot in my everyday life: health and wellness.

I’m pretty sure I’m clear on what health is, but what exactly is “wellness”? It’s meaning gets even more muddy when we separate it from the idea of physical health. “I’m working on my health” is pretty straightforward, but telling someone that you are “re-examining your wellness” just might garner some funny looks.

But that really is what’s on my mind lately, whether anyone gets it or not. (Not you, my ever-supportive readers…you always seem to get it.) In short, my wellness just ain’t what it used to be, and for good reason. There have been times over the last year when my whole world seemed to be falling to pieces, and I have often found myself clinging to thoughts like “Well, at least my son is healthy. As long as I have that, I’ll take my lumps as they come…” But living with those thoughts, bargaining in that way, is no way to be, and it certainly is not the way to be well. Continue reading

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