The Trouble with Shopping Early

When do you say “when” when it comes to holiday shopping for your kids?

ABE2 Sponsor Spotlight: The Soft Landing

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I’m SO excited to introduce The Soft Landing as my ABE sponsor! Read about their Beaba toddler tableware set here, and get your easy bonus entry in!

My Top 5 Tips for a Successful Date Night

After 20 months, the hubs and I had our first date night since becoming parents! In this post, I share my top 5 reasons why I think our night went off without a hitch…

So, how’s that weaning going?

We’ve been working on weaning, but it hasn’t gone quite as planned.

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I’m craving dirt!


No, I don’t want to eat it, silly. I want to dig in it! Spring just didn’t feel like spring without our garden this year, and I’m thinking summer is going feel a little empty, too. With my husband in overtime, my work picking up, and our family getting ready to move in a few… [read more]