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Holiday Travel Must-Have: Tiny Love Take-Along Bouncer (Giveaway 12/24)


It’s safe to say that my husband and I look at baby gear differently. When I say “How cute!” he says, “How hard is it to assemble?”

But that all changed when our new Take-Along Bouncer from Tiny Love showed up. If you’re traveling for the holidays, you’ll definitely want to know more about this one!

Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 11.54.18 PM

Tiny Love knocks baby gear out of the park every single time. The Gymini Play Mat, the 3-in-1 Rocker Napper, Follow Me Fiona, FlexiPlay…they’ve all become tried and true favorites of ours. And now, the new Take-Along Bouncer has joined the ranks of our top recommendations for new parents.
Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 12.26.39 AM


It’s obvious that Tiny Love was thinking about what real parents truly need when they designed this one because it’s incredibly easy to fold, unfold and carry. No matter where you go – be it camping, hiking, picnicking, or traveling just about anywhere, this is the one item you’re going to want to have. It’s even great at home if your house is small, like ours, because it’s so compact and easy to put away.

Unlike a lot of baby gear, this one doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it’s amazingly functional. There’s no assembly, and not much to figure out. You just take it out of the box and flip it open. One step. Super easy. (Bonus: It’s perfectly designed for sleep-deprived parents who can’t read instructions through bleary eyes.)

And when you need to put it away, it folds up to almost nothing (compared to some gear, at least.) See? Tiny!


I normally wouldn’t buy a new bouncer for a baby that’s 9 months old, but Tiny Love recommends this bouncer for littles up to 25 lbs/12 months. I’m here to vouch for the fact that it will, in fact, hold a 20 lb baby comfortably!


Baby Girl is really mobile right now, so there are times of the day when I can’t put her in it because I know she’ll fight to get out. But it’s a lifesaver when we’re out at an event, like a family reunion or picnic at the park, or even just gardening or hanging out laundry. The semi-upright position lets her look around at her surroundings, and the gentle bouncing motion keeps her calm and happy. She’s even fallen asleep in it.

Because it’s made to travel with you, Tiny Love also includes a bonus carry bag.


With all the other things you have to think about, isn’t it nice to know that Tiny Love just made one thing easier? Just throw it over your shoulder and go!

Buy it!

The Tiny Love Take Along Baby Bouncer in Grey/Red is available at Amazon.com for $31.99. At that price, it makes a great shower gift!

Win it!

One lucky ABCGP reader will win their own Take Along Baby Bouncer! Enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below. US only, 18 and over. No purchase necessary.


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2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Developmental Toys from Tiny Love



Holiday Gift Guide

From the convenient 3-in-1 Rocker Napper to the Gymini Move & Play Mat (which we used more than any other toy), Tiny Love baby gear has been a part of our lives since we brought our little girl home. I’ll be sad to see some of those things go as we pass them on to another little one, but now we’re welcoming the next stage of TinyLove toys into our home!

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 10.49.33 PM

A new addition to the Tiny Love lineup is baby’s ultimate exploring adventure: Tiny Love’s Flexi Play. This multi-tasking toy is an innovative activity center that can be positioned in a wide variety of play positions from classic overhead to tummy time and even a bridge to motivate crawling infants. Watch the versatility of Flexi Play and see for yourself how many different ways your baby will play!

Any little face would light up while unwrapping these bright colors.

Tiny Love Flexi Play

Another fun toy from Tiny Love that makes a great holiday gift is Follow Me Fiona (there’s a Follow Me Fred, too.) Fiona is a friendly dog who rolls away when touched, encouraging baby to crawl after it. Our baby girl learned to crawl in a matter of days, and I think Fiona was a big help in prompting her to become more mobile. Fiona has variable speeds, and also barks and plays a tune as she interacts with your little one. Plus, her accordian-like middle section allows you to set her up to walk in a straight line away from baby, or in a circle around baby!

Tiny Love Follow Me Fiona

Here’s a quick video of how fun Fiona is to follow!

To see what’s new, connect with Tiny Love on Facebook.

The entire line of TinyLove toys and baby items is available online at the Tiny Love Store. 

Win it!

Tiny Love has offered one lucky reader a Follow Me Fiona (or Fred) just in time for the holidays!

Enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below. US only, 18 and over. Ends 11/24. No purchase necessary.


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The one thing we’re not selling at the yard sale.


Oh, if you could only see my house right now. It’s babytown from one end to the other. I spent most of the day in our two garages, weeding through stuff for our community yard sale this Friday. I kept at it like a hurricane, not stopping long enough to really let it hit me: We’re getting rid of our baby gear!

Not all of it. But Miss E is almost 6 months old, so there are a lot of things we don’t need anymore. Seats that she can almost flip out of, swings that barely hold her, sleepy little nests that make her fussy because she can’t move around. So I decided that it’s time to declutter this joint. And as sad as I’ll be to see those things go, it’s all good…because Tiny Love sent me their 3-in-1 Rocker Napper (in the new Flow design!) to check out, and it takes the place of almost every piece of baby gear we were using.

Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 10.49.33 PM

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A Play-by-Play with the Tiny Love Gymini Move & Play {Giveaway Ends 5/13}

When our little girl reached the 2-month mark, I fell into a common mom trap. I saw my friends’ babies, of similar age, reaching some milestones and I got a little worried because my baby wasn’t doing the same. So I hopped online and started Googling, and that made it even worse. Gross motor skills? Fine motor skills? Hand/eye coordination? Was her development affected because she was born early? Were these things I should be worried about? As it turned out, the answer was no. I put her on her playmat, gave her a little tummy time, and within days she was laughing and playing just as I had hoped.

I promised myself I would put all those “milestones” in their place and remember that every baby is different and develops at her own pace, but I also promised myself that I would make a bigger effort to help her engage in age-appropriate play. The play mat she had was pretty boring, with just 4 clip-on animals dangling down for her to swat. So, I started looking for another option. One with a little more action. And when I found the Gymini® Move & Play, the folks at Tiny Love were kind enough to send one our way!

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