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Read it: The Book of Gardening Project for Kids!

“Got dirt? Got kids? Then you can grow your own little gardener!”

When I was contacted to review The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids, I was beyond excited. Getting my kids out in the garden is one of my biggest life missions, and I’ve found the perfect book to reflect why I think it’s so important for kids to grow.  I mean, a book full of fun garden projects for me and my little man to explore and enjoy all summer? It doesn’t get any better! :D (Especially since even the most devoted veggie lover runs out of creative ideas after a while!)

Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t get your household tasks (or even hobbies, for that matter) done with your little ones underfoot? It’s a common frustration for parents. Published by Timber Press and written by Whitney Cohen and John Fisher, this new book is the ultimate tool to show you that it is totally possible to turn your kids into enthusiastic, helpful gardening companions. As the subtitle suggests, it includes 101 ways to get kids outside, dirty and having fun! From cornhusk dolls and eco-friendly paper pots to great kid-friendly recipes, there’s enough inspiration in this book to keep the dreaded “I’m bored!” away all summer and beyond! (The projects are really thorough and easy to read, too.)

In flipping through the pages, I realized that this isn’t just a book about actual gardening. It approaches the garden as a place of learning, exploration, play, food and even art. And, since everything in this book is geared toward kids and adults, it will be a great go-to source of fun for years to come.

Check out this short video to learn more:

One of the biggest reasons I write this blog is to seek out and find companies, authors and friends who share the believe that spending quality time in nature, growing vegetables along with a sense of pride and accomplishment, is one of *the* very best things you can do for your kids…and this book, my friends, is a true gift. I am honored to have received a copy! I really hope you’ll check it out, too. Don’t you think this would be a really fun holiday gift, to spark thoughts of spring in the winter when it seems so far away!?

Buy It!

Find out more about The Book of Gardening Projects for Kids and order your own copy for $19.95 on Amazon. You can also sign up to receive emails with details on upcoming contests and promotions.


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