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A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

Wow! This heatwave is killer!

It’s WAY too hot to cook….but it was certainly cool enough in my office today to eat all the freebie samples that popped up around every corner!

A coworker was testing a recipe for our team and asked my opinion. Oh sure, twist my arm... I happily obliged, of course. :)

Gala apples and feta cheese with rosemary, thyme and black pepper, served on a baguette round. 

The first one was so good, I ate it twice! 

The same coworker invited me to a sampling event in our cafeteria. Fun! I’m not one to say no to samples, especially when they are samples of specialty produce! I’m happy to work for a company that promotes healthy habits…

Flame raisins on the vine…yommy!

Lychees...I’m not such a fan of these. They feel too much like little eyeballs when they’re peeled…

Papaya? Papayum!

Sweet Kiss melon! Like a cantaloupe, only sweeter and not as cantaloupy. If only I’d had a thin slice of prosciutto. Mmmm…

And the most interesting guest at the party, Black Garlic! It’s fermented for a month, and has a sweeter flavor than regular garlic. They served it on a cracker with cream cheese. Definitely interesting, and a little mushroomy.


Oooooooh, Mommy!

Free food always makes for a fun day. It would have been even more fun if I’d been feeling better (queasy tummy.) Not sure what that’s about, because I’m very rarely sick. Heat, maybe?

I do have good news, though….my signal booster came today and I am TOTALLY hooked up! I wouldn’t say my speed is lightning fast, but it’s skipping along much faster than before. Good grief, you’d think it was 2005 around here! I’m hoping this means better posts going forward…

Stay cool, everyone!


Have you ever had black garlic? How do you use it?

What’s your favorite ‘odd’ fruit or veggie?


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