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Diaper Junkie, Internet Junkie, Junk Food Junkie

Wow! What a fun blogging weekend it was!

I heard from so many supportive, encouraging, cloth-diaper-loving moms after my Fuzzibunz post, and I couldn’t be more excited to keep building our collection! It really has the potential to become quite an addiction, but it’s all for the greater good of our Mother Earth, right? Yeah, that and cute fluffy little butts in rainbow colors. :D  There’s such a passionate community of women out there (and some men, too, I’m sure) and I’m elated to have found them! Huge thanks to everyone for all your comments and suggestions! More cloth diaper updates are coming in the near future…

On another note: Hold on to your hats, people. I have some really exciting news!

I now have internet service….IN MY HOUSE!

I should explain. For the past three years, since I’ve been living in my current home, I have not had internet service. I can’t get DSL because Verizon won’t run the necessary lines down to our street (even though it is available just a few houses away) so my only option has been dial-up, and I’m not havin’ that. 

I’ve been lugging my trusty Mac around with me, using the internet on my lunch break at work, setting up camp at local internet cafes, and even driving around looking for a connection when I need to send an important email. NO way to live, let me tell you.

And yes, I have been blogging under these crappy circumstances. I think I should get some kind of blog rewards points for that…

So last Saturday, I went to my local Verizon store and got an aircard!

The only problem? My reception at home sucks arse. It often tells me that I’ve disconnected my device when I haven’t, and I don’t get a strong signal, but it’s WAY better than nothing. I’ve been told that I can try a signal booster, but I’m not sure what that is. I think I have some research to do.

Until then, I’m having some often-interrupted but long-awaited fun online! And I’m not even going to feel guilty about it…yeah, right…

That’s where the junkie part comes in. I can see where this could become a problem, especially since I have two boys, big and small, who are used to having my undivided attention. It would be easy to spend hours upon hours online reading blogs, shopping for diapers and fun baby stuff, networking with other like-minded mommies and working on freelance projects, but I do solemnly promise to remember that I have a family, and they are much more snuggly and lovable than my laptop.

So after a very baby weekend on my blog, I think it’s about time to share some food pics!

I’m afraid my meals haven’t been all that interesting. I tend to eat the same things quite often (oats, veggie burger, etc.) because, quite frankly, it’s just easier for me to make healthy choices that way, but it doesn’t make for a very interesting blog. So I’ve decided to share the abundance of snack foods I’ve eaten recently. There are days when I am just a snackin’ fool, and when that happens, I figure it’s my body’s way of telling me I need something, but I’m just not recognizing the signal. So, I go with it (with restraint, of course.)

A few days ago, we visited the Cherry Alley Cafe again and I mealed on a terrific tempeh wrap, which I followed up with one of these BACON COOKIES, thank you very much...

Yup, vegan sandwich, bacon cookie. Watch out…I’m just that crazy. :razz:

These followed me home from a trip to get photos printed…

Mmmm, pickly. They were pretty salty, and I know better, but I ate them anyway. How could I not?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a total ice cream fanatic. I’m sure it goes back to long Sunday drives on Long Island with my parents, which inevitably ended up stopping for a hot dog at a roadside truck or a soft ice cream cone.  I’m sticking with the ice cream for the sake of nostalgia, because I sure ain’t eatin’ no hot dog any time soon.

Now that I’ve decided that most (not all, just as much as possible) of my ice cream will be dairy-free, I’m trying to narrow down the stores that carry coconut milk ice cream so I can keep some on hand.

I found some Purely Decadent Vanilla Bean from Turtle Mountain, and it’s just as good as I knew it would be topped off with a Kashi cookie hat.

I’ve had several different flavors of Purely Decadent now, and they are all no-brainers at this point. I just love this stuff. My issue is that I can’t find any CHOCOLATE!! :cry: Where’s the CHOCOLATE!!!???

I’ll tell you where…it’s in this pint of Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss! I found this almost an hour away at a grocery store near my office. The price was a bit salty, but the flavor was magnificent!

(and just to clarify, I don’t consider ice cream to be junk food. Especially not when it’s made with coconut milk…isn’t that a food group?)

Chocolate Hazelut Fudge, anyone?

Nice texture, too. You have to let it sit out for a minute before you dig in, but it was nice and smooth and creamy and yum. Can you believe I made this pint last a whole week?! Two woots for self-restraint!

My love still goes out to the folks at Turtle Mountain, but it’s nice to have another option for a product that’s so hard to find. And sometimes, nothing but chocolate will do. You know how it is.

Luna and Larry’s offers a fun variety of flavors, all certified organic and non-GMO, and their website is really fun. Their retired flavors list made me drool on my keyboard…

It’s been a snacky few days, but I must be doing something right with my portion sizes and mindful eating because I lost 2 pounds this week! I’m not watching too closely, but I felt a difference so I checked. I now weigh less than I did on the day I got pregnant, and I am eating all the foods I love. 



Are you feeling snacky? Tell me!


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Match(es) Made in Heaven

Last night, we said goodbye to a dear friend…LOST. I can’t believe it’s over. I must admit that the obsession had worn off for me over the last couple of seasons, but I still looked forward to each new episode. I’m actually glad because I hate feeling tethered to the TV. If I could talk the other half into getting rid of it altogether, I’d be one happy, and much more productive, girl.

But I digress. The inspiration for today’s post came from my husband and his always…interesting?… culinary creativity. He’s a mixer. I can’t even begin to describe some of the concoctions he’s come up with, but I can tell you that if anything is in our fridge, it’s fair game. Drinks, especially. In his mind, if two things are good separately, they must be even better together. Sometimes this is true…

Very often, it is not. I much prefer to think that my husband is the chocolate to my peanut butter rather than the coffee to my pear.

Sometimes, I think he does it just to push my buttons…Hmmm…

Back to last night. After a suspiciously long time banging around in the kitchen, he joined me on the couch, spoon in hand, ready to devour the recap episode along with a bowl of coffee ice cream covered in fresh peach slices. 

My first response? “Yack!”

My second response? “You can’t do that! Coffee ice cream doesn’t GO with peaches! They’re not good together!”

His response?  A smug, “Yes it is.”

So that got me thinkin’. Who made me the food police? I consider myself a pretty liberal, open-minded chick. Why am I being so uptight about someone else’s food?

“Two great tastes that go great together” is all relative. Whatever floats his boat, right?

Well, I’ve got my own boat and here are a few of the things that currently float it.

Food Combinations That Make Me Die:

Spearmint and Honey

Orange Zest and Dark Chocolate

Apples and Sharp Cheddar

Asparagus and Citrus

Rocky Road Ice Cream with Warm, Salty Crinkle Cut Fries

Vanilla Polar Seltzer and OJ

Dates and Unsweetened Almond Butter

Dates and Bacon

Bacon and Chocolate

Plain, dry noodles and a sprinkle of sea salt

A good lager or stout and Buffalo sauce (on something other than wings. Wings = Yuck.)

Vanilla and Cardamom

Pear and Cardamom

Cumin and Lime

Butternut and Cinnamon

Berries/Cherries and Balsamic Vinegar

Marshmallow and Peanut Butter

Honeydew and Prosciutto

…and, of course, dark, dark chocolate and a dry red (preferably Green and Blacks 85% and Shade Mt. Cab Franc)

I’m sure I could come up with a bunch more, but I gotta go catch Days of Our Lives (just kidding…)


What are your favorite food/flavor combinations?


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