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Still chasing the elusive “sleep through the night.”

“Is he a good baby?”

I got that question so many times when my son was small. I never knew quite how to answer. It’s not as though I could have said “No, he’s baaaad. All bad.” Is any baby really bad? I don’t think so. I always found myself just a little bit offended that people didn’t think more before asking such a ridiculous question, but deep down I knew what they were really asking.

Translation: good baby = one that sleeps through the night and does not cry.

We lucked out that our baby was never a crier, but when it came to STTN, our luck ran a little short. It took me a while and a good bit of research to conclude that babies really aren’t designed to sleep through the night, especially if they are exclusively breastfed. But knowing that my baby is perfectly normal doesn’t make me any less tired during the day when I’m nodding off in my cubicle. Continue reading

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