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Today: shopping with a purpose.

One of my favorite things about writing a blog is sharing brands I love and believe in. I don’t like to bash or do negative reviews, so I won’t go into detail about how badly Home Depot dropped the ball on my refrigerator order. :mad:

I had a beautiful new LG fridge picked out – it was big (25 cu ft) , and shiny, with a freezer on the bottom and lovely French doors – and it made it all the way into my house before the delivery guys broke it. :(

But alas, it is not mine, nor will it ever be. [cue boos.]

So, the hubs and I are taking the little man out shopping tonight for lots of little odds and ends, and we’re going to hit up Lowe’s for a new fridge while we’re at it.  Sadly, they don’t sell my coveted LG, but I’m sure I’ll find something I love just as much. I hope it doesn’t take too long to get it – I’ve been fridgeless for almost a whole month! I can’t wait to finally start cooking in my new pad!

It seems like forever since we’ve had a good meal. Sandwiches, pizza, pasta, veggies from the Chinese place. I’ve been doing my best to make good choices and stick with organics, but I still feel sluggish and weird (and broke! This has been expensive!)

I must admit, however, that the challenge of cooking without refrigeration has kept me on my creative toes. Last night, we had brown rice with a can of Eden beans, a jar of organic salsa, some hot sauce and a chopped avocado. Not half bad, if I do say so myself!

I’m trying not to complain too much. After all, refrigerators are a relatively new convenience, right? My foremothers did it with style, so I can surely survive a month. And after being stranded during the flood, and succumbing to a salami sandwich from the local gas station, it’s all up from here! :lol:

As much as it hurts, my dryer has bit the dust, too. So it looks like we may be shopping for several appliances today. (Just as soon as I can find a coupon code , specifically Best Buy coupon codes ! Haha…) But the ones that came with our house were old and inefficient, so I’ll be glad to get my Energystar on again! (It’s times like this when I wish this little blog were just a bit bigger, so I could pitch some of those appliance people out there! …hello? anyone listening?)

You know what this all means, right? New recipes! Soon! I can’t wait. I’m just itchin’ to get into the kitchen. Especially since my belated birthday gift finally arrived…details soon! ;)


What are you doing with your Saturday?

What modern convenience could you NEVER live without? Which would be easy to give up?


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