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Keeping kids calm and stress-free during the holiday rush.


In just a few short days, we’ll barrel head first into what is arguably the most difficult time of year for children. When you consider the sweet treats, parties, crowded stores, hurried schedule and pressure to be “good”, it’s no wonder kids tend to break down around the holidays! It didn’t take me too many years as a mom to figure out that these seasonal meltdowns are most likely due to stress…and there’s plenty we can do to prevent them! Continue reading


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Catch the Reading Bug with Bookboard: Free 30-day trial!

As a kid, I was rarely seen without my nose in a book. As a college literature major, not much changed (except maybe the size of the books!) So when I became a mom, I couldn’t wait until I could start encouraging my son to have an interest in books, too.

I read to him as a baby, but then he became mobile and I couldn’t read a page without him running off! It never occurred to me that he might not be interested. Luckily, that didn’t last, and now bedtime stories have become our favorite way to wind down, bond, and spend some real QT together. ¬†The only problem? Where to keep all those BOOKS!

Luckily, we’ve found¬†Bookboard! It’s a virtual library at your fingertips! This is the digital age, after all…but that doesn’t mean the stories and imagination found within the pages are any less magical.

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