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Wanna be a hot, healthy mama? Try Knocked-Up Fitness {DVD Review}

So, if you’ve been following my Pregnancy Journals at all, you’ll know that I was still running until about 28 weeks into my pregnancy. Yeah, well, that’s is not happening any more. At all. 

In fact, I’m having a little trouble even getting around with my back pain and nearly constant Braxton-Hicks contractions. But WOW, do I feel horrible when I’m stagnant and not moving! Especially since my days require me to sit in a car for 3 hours and at a desk for 9.

Even though I’ve only gained about 18 lbs, which is well within my doctor’s recommendations, sitting = unhealthy, unhappy mama. We preggies need to keep moving as long as we can!

The answer? Well, after much forcing myself when I reeealllly didn’t want to, I found the answer in the form of two DVDs I had been staring at for a week or two. You know how they say that once you start exercising, you find yourself with more energy to exercise? That is exactly what happened when I started doing Knocked-Up Fitness! Continue reading


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