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Final Pregnancy Journal Post: A Surprise Hello!

A friend of mine took some great belly photos at my Blessingway last weekend, and I had intended to use them for my 37 week journal entry.

…BUT, it seems that baby girl had other plans!

She arrived like a whirlwind on Feb. 7th. What a day! We’re babymooning for a little while, but stay tuned for our birth story, coming soon!

Until then, I’d like to introduce our newest little nursling, Baby E!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)



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Pregnancy Journal: 35 Weeks!

Gettin’ down to the wire, baby!! 

Welcome to my Pregnancy Journal: 35 weeks!

 Baby is about the size of a coconut!  (A 5lb coconut? I think this one might be a little off…no offense, TheBump.com)

Fun facts about Week 35: According to TheBump.com, baby’s hearing is fully developed and now she’s just focusing on gaining fat and filling out. Continue reading


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Pregnancy Journal: 27 Weeks

Welcome to the latest installment of My Pregnancy Journal! 

How far along: 27 weeks on Monday!

Baby is about the size of a rutabaga! 

Fun facts about Week 18: According to TheBump.com, baby is practicing inhaling and exhaling with her rapidly developing lungs, and brain activity is increasing, too. She’s getting to be a real smarty pants!

Due Date: February 24ish, 2013 

Boy or girl: Baby girl on the way!

Currently craving: Sweets. Donuts, candy, cinnamon buns, and oddly enough, McGriddles. I’m not eating any of those things, but I sure want to!

Currently avoiding: See above.

Weight: 10 lbs total so far.

Sleep: Bad subject. (Yawn.)

Recent Crazy Dream: Nope, none. I don’t think I’m sleeping in long enough stretches.

Symptoms? Lack of appetite, fullness, slight heartburn that I hope doesn’t get worse. Breathlessness. The worst thing right now is probably the sciatica that seems to be increasing by the day. Oh, and charlie horses. Those are the worst! 

Health: Good! I had an appointment last week, and they’re still telling me that my sugar levels are being adequately controlled by diet. No meds yet. Everything else looks just as it should, and I have a high-risk ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday this week.

Movement: Tons! This one is a mover and a shaker, for sure. A few times, she made me yelp out loud at work. Ha! I’m sure I’m feeling movements I never felt with my son (and from what I can feel, I think she may still be breech.)

Names: Still no idea. At all.

Any baby related purchases?I bought a purple ring sling and a Boba Air carrier. Babywearing, here I come!

Frustrations: The anxiety I’ve been experiencing has been up and down, with the last few days being a real challenge. I’m already having lots of trouble sleeping with my congestion, but my little man has been sick, too, and up at night with a fever and vomiting. Once I wake up, the anxiety begins. I’m not sure why, but it seems to turn into a whole different beast at night. One that tells me I can’t do this, I’m scared, I’m not strong, I need the baby OUT. NOW. It’s pretty scary, but I’ve been researching some hypnobirthing methods, and I’m hoping that helps once I learn a little more. I’m finding that as long as I can get my head in the right place, the panic is a little more manageable, so that’s my goal.

Bump photo?  Proof that I’m still movin’ it when I can!


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Pregnancy Journal: 22 Weeks!

 Welcome to the latest installment of My Pregnancy Journal! 

How far along: 22 weeks on Monday!

 Baby is about the size of a papaya! 

Fun facts about Week 18: According to TheBump.com, baby is sleeping in cycles of about 12-14 hours at a time. She had more developed eyes and lips, and is looking more like a newborn than ever! Normal weight gain from this point on (for me) is about 1/2 pound per week. Yikes!

Due Date: February 24ish, 2013 

Boy or girl: Baby girl on the way!

Currently craving: Still lots of apples, but if I had my way I’d be eating doughnuts. Lots and lots of sugary doughnuts!

Currently Avoiding: Um, mostly doughnuts. :D

Weight: 5 lbs total so far.

Sleep: My schedule isn’t allowing nearly as much as I need, but when I get the chance I sleep well. I’m starting to really feel her a lot at night, so I’m trying to really focus on bonding with her during those moments before I fall asleep at night, when I can concentrate solely on her. 

Recent Crazy Dream: I had one about some flu-like illness that was killing everyone. I think that’s because of the anxiety issues I’m having. Congestion brings it on HARD, so getting sick is a huge fear right now.

Symptoms? Still having trouble brushing my teeth without vomiting. Breathlessness, lack of energy…nothing else too specific. Maybe a tiny little bit of swelling, but nothing to worry about.

Health: Good! BP and sugars are looking pretty stable, so I get to go 3 weeks between visits this time! WOOO! I’ve been keeping extremely busy, but I think I’m going to have to start slowing down a little soon. A few days off wouldn’t be a bad thing right now. 

Movement: Lots! She’s really starting to move more frequently, which is fun. It feels more real, and it reminds me to think about her when I get too busy at work or running around at home. 

Names: Still no idea. At all.

Any appointments?: Not this week, thank goodness.

Any baby related purchases?Nope. Still holding off.

Frustrations: Too much to do, too little time. But who doesn’t have that frustration? My job is becoming more demanding by the day, at a time when I need it to plateau a little. I’m also a little worried about the logistics of work, day care, etc with 2 kids, and how we’ll possibly get everything ready for the kids to share a room by February. But, no complaining. At this point, I can only be thankful and very, very happy. :)

Bump photo?  Here it is! Just about 22 weeks, rocking the bump the best I can! :D


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My Pregnancy Journal: Week 15

Well, I guess I’ve procrastinated long enough. 

I’ve decided to join in a weekly Pregnancy Journal! 

 I might be irregular in posting for a week or two until I get on a better schedule, so please bear with me! :)

How Far Along: 15 weeks, 5 days Due Date: February 24, 2013 (although my cycles are long, so this could be off by a few…)

Boy or girl: No idea!

Currently craving: If I had my way, donuts, Chinese food and French fries. I do not have my way, however, so I’m just eating lots of apples with almond butter.

Currently Avoiding: Everything that isn’t on a strict gestational diabetes diet, anything processed or high in salt, anything to drink except water with lemon, and veggies still don’t sit well (that was my BIGGEST aversion in the first trimester.) The restrictions aren’t too bad, but my opinion might change around the holidays when I can’t eat cookies or pie (or drink wine!)

Weight: Up 2 lbs so far. 

Belly button status: In. Never did pop last time…

Sleep: Wow, second pregnancies are so much different! My almost-3-year-old just doesn’t seem to care if Mommy is tired! haha… I would sleep all the time if I could. My work schedule gets me up at 4:30am, and I usually get to bed around 10:30pm. It’s not ideal. I was on vacation this past week, and I thought I’d catch up on sleep, but no. Still tired. And I can be fine one minute, and the next it hits me like a ton of bricks. I think this might be due to the problems I’m having with my BP and GD.

Recent Crazy Dream:  SO many! They’re so long, involved and vivid that I feel like I could write a movie screenplay if I could only remember all the details after being awake for 5 minutes! I’ve had one about a baby boy and one about a baby girl, so who knows…

Evidence of pregnancy brain: I freaked out (almost to tears) the other day because I thought my purse had been stolen. My husband calmly pointed out that it was hanging on my shoulder… :lol:

Symptoms?: Super tired, my hair and skin feel weird, lots of headaches, (I think some are complication-related symptoms), and I have to be extremely careful brushing my teeth or I will definitely barf!!

Health: Baby is measuring well and moving a lot, so that’s good. I, on the other hand, am struggling a little. Without boring you with all the details, I have high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, and a thyroid condition, all of which can affect the baby. I’m also starting to experience the same kind of pregnancy-related claustrophobia I had last time. It is TERRIFYING and I hope I can figure out a way to deal with it because there is a loooong time to go.  For now, I’m just trying to make it week to week, exercise when I can, and eat the best way I know how. The doctor did say that my numbers were good enough that my risk level is the same as someone without GD, so I was happy. We’ll see if I can keep it up. The blood pressure is another story…and one that worries me a lot.

Movement: Yes! I’m starting to feel the cutest little flutters. :)

Names: I have thought of one girl name we could possibly use, but I really haven’t even thought about it yet.

Any appointments?: I’ve been going weekly, but I get to skip next week and start going every 2 weeks. I really hope we can slow down on the appointments soon. My 20-week ultrasound with the high-risk specialist is coming on Oct. 4th! I’m nervous, but pretty excited, too. I just wish I didn’t keep feeling like this baby was going to up and disappear by the next ultrasound.

Any baby related purchases?: Nope. I think I’m still having trouble even believing it…

Frustrations: People who make rude comments, and those who push things on me that I do NOT want. “Oh, you can have this, it’s sugar-free!” or “Oh, a glass of wine won’t hurt the baby.” Support is good, but hardcore pushing just brings out the B-otch in me! Why can’t people just back OFF and MYOB? I’m the one responsible for this baby’s health, so I’ll decide what to do with my body.  Ok, #endrant.

Oh, and nursing is getting tough. I’m fully committed to letting my son self-wean, but those bedtime nursings are so painful. I have a feeling it won’t be long until they’re over, and then I’ll be sad. In less pain, of course, but definitely sad.

Bump photo?  Oh, if I have to…but I don’t have any good ones yet. This one will have to do for now…at least it’s proof that I’m exercising, right?

See you in a week (or so!)


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