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2013 Holiday Card Collection from Shutterfly {$50 Gift Code Giveaway}


Would you mind doing a little “no rain” dance for me?  My insanely brilliant photographer friend is coming this weekend to do our family photos, and this drab, rainy weather just won’t do. I can’t wait to put my kiddos in their fall sweaters and get some photos with crunchy leaves and pumpkins! Continue reading


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A quickie holiday giveaway from Shutterfly!

It’s sad, but true. Zombies are eating my brain.

They really are. I blame them for lots of things that have been happening lately.

The countless leftovers I’ve left sitting on the counter all night long. My throwing a brand new sweater right into the super hot dryer. The wrong turn I took the other day that made me late for work.

…and the fact that I didn’t even realize I had the opportunity to offer a giveaway for 25 holiday cards when I did my Shutterfly post!

It’s the zombies, I tell you. :roll:

But my cerebral misfortune is your gain, because now I’m going to give them away in a superfast giveaway! 4 days only! (Time is of the essence when it come to holiday cards in November, after all!)

Enter in the comments section below to win 25 holiday photo cards from Shutterfly, my favorite place to order photo products online! (There will be TWO winners!) Just visit Shutterfly and leave me a link to your favorite card.

***This giveaway is closed. Random.org tells me that my winners are Julie with comment #16 and Danielle with comment #2! Thanks for entering, ladies! :)

For optional extra entries, follow me via GFC, Facebook and/or Twitter using the buttons in my sidebar, or tweet about this giveaway with a link once per day. (Make sure to leave your email address and corresponding usernames so I can confirm your follows, and the URL to your unique tweets. Thanks!)

Total possible entries = 8, including daily tweets. Good luck!…and look out for zombies. Those things are trouble.

Giveaway will end in only FOUR days on November 15th. I’ll choose winners via Random.org. I will notify winners via email, winners will have 48 hours to confirm win or new winners will be chosen.



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Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

It’s an ongoing debate – one that really hits a nerve with some people.

Merry Christmas OR Happy Holidays!? Which do you say? Is either really offensive?

In my opinion, yes.

I may be dumping out a whole can of worms here, but here’s my take on it:  If there’s Christ in your Christmas, my omission of the actual word sure as heck isn’t going to change that. And, if you automatically assume that since you celebrate Christ at Christmastime, I must too, well, that’s kind of a big assumption, now isn’t it?

I say “happy holidays” (or even just “Have a great day!”) and I can be found regularly asking people what they celebrate, if anything. I find it interesting, and I think it’s nice to acknowledge that people celebrate all different kinds of things. If I am not familiar with your holiday, that’s even better. Tell me about it, and why it means something to you. But you’re not going to hear a general Merry Christmas out of me, unless I know you well enough to know it’s appropriate. If there’s one thing I’m sure about this season, it’s that Christmas may be a holiday, but it’s not the holiday.

OK. #endrant.

Since I have friends that celebrate in lots of different ways, I prefer to send out very general greeting cards during the winter season. That’s why I always get my cards from Shutterfly. Sure, they offer holiday-specific cards, but they also offer a ton of cards that carry just the happy, heartwarming sentiment I want, without being so specific as to alienate anyone. With their selection of holiday cards and greeting cards, I can feature a beautiful photo and send the same card out to all of our family and friends, sending our love and wishing them the best the season has to offer.

The only problem is narrowing down my choices! I love so many of them!

This may be this year’s winner. What do you think?

Do you wish people a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”? Does either offend you?

Do you believe you should wish people a Merry Christmas even if they may not celebrate Christmas at all?

Are you a blogger? Want a chance at 25 free cards this holiday season? Register here:http://goo.gl/DDw7Q



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Sending a Little Love Your Way…

Do you still send holiday cards?

Many people don’t. Two of the biggest trends in recent years–being more conscious of both the environment and the household budget–might lead one to think that greeting cards have become obsolete. After all, we live in a day where it’s so much easier and cheaper to just poke someone on Facebook to relay a warm holiday wish, right?

I don’t think so. I don’t believe that my “go green” efforts and my desire to send out cards to my friends and family during the holiday season are mutually exclusive. We’ve scaled way, way back on gifts and wrap in recent years, and we make a huge effort to produce less and less waste every day. Plus, our daily work and family responsibilities have made it so that we rarely see the folks we love. In some cases, the cards I send and receive are the only connection I still have with some of the people in my address book, and, albeit small, I look forward to that little “check in” each year. It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

So, as small a remedy as it may be, my son’s smiling face will be popping into mailboxes again this year to say “Hi! We’re still here, and we love you!” And we’ll be getting our cards from Shutterfly!

I love Shutterfly because they have great cards and photo gifts at affordable prices, but I have to admit that I mostly like them because the service is just plain convenient. That’s a big plus in my book because those hours after little man’s bedtime need to be productive! With Shutterfly, I can take my time, choosing my cards carefully from their wide selection, and complete the whole ordering process without leaving my house (or changing out of my sweatpants. :) ) Another plus? I don’t have to settle, because I always find modern, unique designs I really like, not only for the holidays, but birthdays, too!

Since we choose to send out non-specific holiday cards, we’ve chosen this one this year:

The only problem? Getting that “perfect” photo! I guess it’s time to grab the camera and start stalking the baby…

Check out the holiday photo card collection at Shutterfly to find the perfect card for your family! And don’t forget, Shutterfly can take care of your gift list, too, with calendars and other photo gifts.

What are you waiting for? Say “Cheese!” and then click on over to Shutterfly! Your friends and family want to see those smiles this season!


I’m participating in Shutterfly’s Holiday Blogger Program! If you’re a blogger and you’d like to receive 50 free cards from Shutterfly, click here for details!


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