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Turn Your SmartPhone into a Baby Monitor with the @Motorola BLINK1

I have some pretty major news: I’ve accomplished the impossible.

With the help of the new Motorola Blink1, I’ve finally managed to be in two places at once! It’s every mom’s dream!

When my husband planted our garden, he planned it so that the kids would always be able to see it from their bedroom window. It’s nice that they can look out and see the veggies growing, but that view only goes one way. When we’re outside, we can’t see in. And since I left my job and we’re relying on that garden to fill our freezer, it’s pretty important that I’m out there as much as possible. Naptime is the ideal time to head out and get some of the heavier work done, but how do I do that when I don’t know if my little lady is inside crying for me?

For a while, I put my garden work on hold during those afternoon nap hours. And then, along came my Motorola Blink1!

It’s cute, isn’t it? While I will admit that I love new techy gadgets, I’m not the best at knowing how to use them unless they’re really user-friendly – and this one is! Once I opened the box, I was watching my baby sleep within 10 minutes, tops. On my iPhone! The Motorola BLINK1 turns any compatible Smartphone, tablet or computer into a video monitoring system.

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