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The Perfect Lunch

It’s a bold statement, I know.

Sometimes, I take the time to pack a lunch and then, when 12:00 rolls around, I get all persnickety and want something else.

And sometimes, the stars align and I find myself with exactly what I want, exactly when I want it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you The Perfect Lunch!

One Sunshine Burger , with a little mustard hiding underneath, on an  EarthGrains multigrain thin bun… 

Spizznach, pea shoots and mixed greens from our garden…

Piled high…with a little cheese-like single…

With the lid…

The remainder of my greens, topped with some raw almonds and cranberries…

…carried in an Earth’s Best baby food jar! Reuse, reuse, reuse…

A simple vinaigrette and a smidge of salt and pepper…

And, the finishing touch: a Pumpkin Pie Tasty Little Chewy from Kashi!

Voila! The perfect lunch! (For today, anyway.)

What’s your perfect lunch?


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Oh, Shoots!

Our first peas of the season are growing fast and furiously, which means that even before we harvest those little green sweeties, we get to enjoy the one thing I look forward to more than anything else each spring…

Pea shoots!

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! And we’ve got a lot of ‘em…

Peas shoots are cuttings taken from the very tips of young pea plants. They taste sweet and crisp and green, and I love the freshness they add to a dish… but that’s not my favorite part. Once you get past the fact that they look like a big grasshopper sitting in your salad 8-O , they really are quite beautiful with their delicate little tendrils and tiny leaves.

They sell for a fortune when you can find them, so growing them at home is a big money-saver. I mean, they come along for free when you plant peas! How easy is that? Like a little garden bonus. And, you can enjoy them raw after no more than a quick rinse. I like them in a salad, in a sandwich or wrap, or thrown in a stir fry or pasta dish.

Simple, cheap, good for you. Love that. And I guarantee you’ll feel pretty fancy when you eat your pretty, pea shoot-y salad.

For those who are interested in the many uses and health benefits of pea shoots, there is a pea shoot website! Who knew? Check it out: http://www.peashoots.com/. The Pea Shoot Risotto and the Pea Shoot Bubble and Squeak are on the top of my to-do list for the spring harvest. And how super cute is that Peatini!?

Last year at this time, I was pregnant and craving pea shoots like crazy. I’m realizing now that it wasn’t the pregnancy – I just adore the first true taste of spring after a long, cold hibernation. 

Each year I stalk the plants, checking the shoots daily, and hoping to find them ready to cut. This year, my mind has been occupied enough that I’ve been able to ignore them and let them grow in peace.

After all, you know what they say: a watched pea never shoots :P


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