A Major Hiccup.

I started my CLEC class! And then I dropped it.

Find out what happened…

My Son, the Domestic Goddess?

I’d like 2 cheeseburger Happy Meals, please. Are those for boys or girls? Well, I have twin girls, but I think one is leaning toward identifying as a lesbian, so what do you recommend? ****************************************** No, I haven’t ordered a Happy Meal from McDonald’s in years, but it would be almost worth eating that crap… [read more]

A Post-Christmas Post: Feeling Thankful

It’s OVER! Okay, so I’m just kidding….sort of. As much as I like to complain about Christmas, I will confess that I did have some fun this year. Little Man is nearly 14 months old this time around, and it only took a few minutes for him to catch on to the fact that there… [read more]

The greatest gift…

Not too long ago, I celebrated a milestone that, at one time, seemed daunting and out of reach – one full year of breastfeeding. There was never really any question in my mind that I would try to nurse my baby, and I say “try” because that was the word everyone used around me during… [read more]

On Challenges Beyond the Diaper Pail

Notice anything new? (Hint: Check out my sidebar!) Yup! I have a new button! I won it, courtesy of MommyDoodles, at The Eco Chic’s BloGIVErsary celebration Twitter party! Getting a new button, along with getting linked up with the Blogmania 2011 Dream Team, has really sparked a lot of curiosity in me. Being hosted through… [read more]