My Top 5 Tips for a Successful Date Night

After 20 months, the hubs and I had our first date night since becoming parents! In this post, I share my top 5 reasons why I think our night went off without a hitch…

Happy Father’s Day!

The day my husband became a daddy. You should have seen the bruises he had after my labor!

A big “Happy Fathers’ Day!” to the men in my life. I promise to always remember how lucky I am!

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On My Mind: Weaning

Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on the beginning stages of weaning. Be forewarned – I’m torn, long-winded, and not making much sense.

A Major Hiccup.

I started my CLEC class! And then I dropped it.

Find out what happened…

My Son, the Domestic Goddess?

I’d like 2 cheeseburger Happy Meals, please. Are those for boys or girls? Well, I have twin girls, but I think one is leaning toward identifying as a lesbian, so what do you recommend? ****************************************** No, I haven’t ordered a Happy Meal from McDonald’s in years, but it would be almost worth eating that crap… [read more]