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Spring Fever Then and Now {Orange Bunny Buns Recipe}

We always want better for our kids, right?

Sure, I want my son to have more than I had growing up. More opportunities, more experiences, more everything. But that’s not to say that what I had wasn’t good enough. Quite the opposite, really. In fact, as spring settles in and a sense of renewal hits the new land we now call home, I find my mind flooded with my own childhood memories of spring.

Funny how the season seemed so long as a child, isn’t it?

Not so much any more. The days are flying by. As I watch my son change from a baby into a little boy before my eyes, I realize more each day that I have to make the most of this. It won’t be long until he has no time for dear old Mom, so this spring I plan to share with him all the wonderful spring things that made such an impression on me as a child. Gardening, cooking with my mom, exploring the outdoors. Now that he’s two years old, he can really get down and dirty with us…and let me assure you, he is.

Spring has always been my favorite season. I recall so vividly the days spent helping my parents ready the garden so we could grow all my favorite things…

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15 Fun Facts About My Kid

At the urging of Blogger Extraordinaire Gina from The Feminist Breeder, today I’m sharing 15 fun facts about my kid! :)

1. He will be 28 months old on March 5th…which officially makes him a big boy. Just ask…he’ll tell ya.  Continue reading


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I got the best Valentine’s Day gift ever!

Ok, maybe not the best ever, but it’s up there. My husband started walling up the completely unnecessary and even-more-completely ugly doorway leading from our office into our bedroom. I can’t wait to have a whole wall there so I can paint. I’ve chosen a totally funky avocado green and chocolate brown paint combination, along with a little mustardy yellow and teal as accents. (I know. That’s the look my mom gave me. Would you people trust me?!)

We’ve been in this house for almost 5 months now, and I can’t believe how unsettled I feel. Yes, it feels like home, but there are still boxes waiting to be unpacked and the ugly wallpaper borders are still waiting for me to take them down.

I’m trying, but I’m tired. I have tons of ideas, but my body just won’t cooperate. After a long day at work, I could get lost in sites like Houzz.com for hours, imagining what could be if I could just get my butt of the couch. And then I do get my butt off the couch to cook, and run errands, and chase my boy, and the extras just never seem to get done. I think what I really need is a reality show! You know, the ones where the interior designers and sexy carpenter dudes show up and transform your sorry home. :)

I could get down with that.

But today, it seems that progress is happening. Many thanks to my Valentine for that. And it was light out when I left for work, and for most of my drive home. That means spring is on the way.

Brighter days ahead.



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This is not my list of resolutions.

Resolution shmesolution.

All this “new year, new you” stuff is making me a little twitchy.

I tend to over-resolve. But I don’t just do it in January. I do it all year long. I take on too many goals, try to learn too many things, challenge myself to too many new positive habits, and then when I can’t achieve them all (and I never can) I beat myself up with a big huge imaginary stick until I feel like a complete and total failure. Continue reading

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A new goal, a cute duo, and a happy new year to you!

This year, I’m basing my new year’s goal on this post I found on DrGreene.com  (thanks to author Ruth Kaiser.)

I always find great information there, but this one is especially relevant to me right now as a mega-multitasking mom. Continue reading


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