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Cyber Monday: Mini Green Gift Guide for Online Shoppers

Here it is, Thanksgiving night, and my Facebook feed is full of friends updating their statuses with photos of the crowds at the local stores. The Black Friday madness has begun, and while I understand that some people really do love the energy of it all, I’m skipping out (as usual.)

I don’t do Black Friday. I’m an online shopper through and through. I save WAY more money, and TONS more time, by shopping from the peace and quiet of my home, with my boys sleeping in the next room. I can put on my big, fuzzy sleep pants, curl up on the couch, and think through my purchases like I could never do in a store. Plus, shopping online allows me to patronize smaller businesses that carry the items I really want, spending my dollars where they make a big difference.

So, in the spirit of Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, I’m sharing my favorite independent online retailers! These are the places I frequent all year long, and they carry the best in, well, just about everything from toys and snacks to clothing and housewares. I stand firmly behind every one of them, and highly recommend them.

If any pique your interest, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and their individual blogs – and sign up for emails! Those places are where you find all the deals and coupons, which have saved me tons throughout the years! Continue reading

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Sweet Pea Maternity: Affordable #Maternity Fashion for Fall


I’ve been writing a lot lately about my frustration with maternity clothes. Luckily, online shopping has been paying off! There are some fantastic sources out there for maternity clothes that are more than just “okay”…they’re actually totally cute! I just love finding maternity clothing that is similar to what I’d buy any other time, and Sweet Pea Maternity is the perfect place to find it! Continue reading


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Why CSN is even cooler than I thought…

A few months ago, I was introduced to CSN Stores through some of my foodie blog friends, and I spent a little time browsing through their 200+ online shops, looking at everything from ice cream makers and bedding to wardrobes and cool baby gear. I was intrigued by the huge selection available through CSN, and I promised myself I’d visit again soon…

Well, little man’s birthday is creeping up on me fast, and it’s time to do some shopping! So, I headed back to CSN to find some toys and other fun stuff.  I wasn’t sure what I’d find, but I had a few things in mind and I was hoping to get enough of my gifts there to meet the $69 requirement for free shipping (not hard to do, considering you can buy just about anything at CSN.)

I headed over to CSN Baby and clicked on the “Go Green” option (just look for the little leaf at the top of the page.) This is an AWESOME feature, because it enables you to put a “green” filter on your entire search. Priceless, especially if you’re also trying to make lunch while chasing a baby who has recently learned how to run…. 8O

Imagine my surprise when I found TONS of toys! :D I could do every bit of my birthday shopping here, and my holiday shopping too! I was thrilled to find Plan Toys, Green Toys, Wonderworld, and so many others. I promise you this goes way beyond any blogger/sponsor partnership. Anyone who has spent time searching stores for better play alternatives knows that this is a goldmine!

There were cute organic stuffed animals, sleek modern toys, old fashioned wooden classics…and I didn’t have to worry about screening them for yicky plastic and toxic paints, because CSN already did that for me. So what should I get?

This cool Svan Scooter?

This creativity-inspiring  Bilibo Play Shell?

This Wonderworld Rapping Kangaroo Push Toy?

I made a preliminary list of about 20 favorites. This coming from the mother who says things like, “I don’t think babies need a ton of toys.”

Oh dear. I think I’m in trouble.

Ready to shop? Head over to Crave to Save where you can enter to win a $35 CSN gift certificate! Ends Oct 23!

or, visit Psychic Mama, Indigo Child and enter to win a $75 gift certificate! Ends Oct 17!


I love shopping online! Do you shop online? Do you do it because you prefer it, or do you do it out of necessity?

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