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Having bubble trouble? Try Babytime! by Episencial

I’m so glad I’ve taken a trillion photos since our little guy was born three years ago. It’s so much fun to go back and reminisce about the days when my house was relatively quiet…

This photo is one of my favorites. It’s from the days when he was still tiny and using the baby bath tub. Can you imagine being so fascinated by a simple stream of water? Babies are sooo cool…

Bathtime was so much fun that I couldn’t wait until we could put him in the big tub and fill it with piles and piles of bubbles. Once he could sit up, that was the first thing we did…and it was a blast! Until a few weeks later when his skin starting getting red and scaly. It was eczema, and we narrowed it down to the bubble bath.

I was devastated to think we’d have to bathe bubble-less!

Luckily, a little research introduced me to Episencial, a safe and natural skin care line with products you can feel good about for both mom and baby. We ended up trying several of the products in their baby line, and adding them to our list of everyday must-haves.  (Note: The name of the line has recently been changed to Babytime! by Episencial, mainly because it is easier to remember and spell, and it resonates more with moms. A really smart move, in my opinion. I love the new name!)

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