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Heirloom Gifts: Frugal or Frivolous?

If you give gifts around the holidays, you’re probably either deep in the throes of holiday shopping right now, or about to start. This time of year always leaves me feeling torn. I did several years of no gifting at all – just time spent with friends and family, making and eating great food and trying to refocus my over-commercialized perspective. Incredibly enough, there were a TON of people who got really angry with me for “ruining their holiday” even though I didn’t expect them to follow my lead. But that was a few years ago, and now I am a mom with kids to think about, I’m doing a bit of refocusing yet again.

We’re back to giving gifts now, and I’m trying to decide which I like better: practical, useful gifts or those with more of an heirloom quality that will still be around many years from now.  Continue reading


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