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See you in a few days!

And so it begins…

I can barely sit still! We’re finally closing on Monday, and we’ll be heading over to our new house directly afterwards to start cleaning (and to pop the cork on a bottle of champagne!) I will have the car loaded with kitchen stuff, because setting up a clean, organized new working kitchen is the very first thing on my to-do list!

This new start is a major milestone for us, and it represents so much more than just a new place to live.  I feel like my life might actually start looking a little more like what I want it to look like. I think the funk I’ve been in lately comes down to just wanting to live every day feeling more positive, more organic (in the broadest sense of the word), more…authentic. And this is the first step! Everything around me seems to be beaming with potential, and it’s been a long time since I’ve felt like that. :D

(Plus, I’m knocking 25 miles off my morning commute!)

So, I’m taking a few days to nest and help my little boy understand and adjust to his new pad. I’ll still be around, though – tweeting, promoting my giveaways when I can, and doing a bit of blog maintenance. Don’t forget – ABE2 is still hoppin’! If you haven’t entered my A Blogtastic Extravaganza giveaway yet, don’t miss it! Entries are still pretty low, and the rest of the link list has tons of great prizes up for grabs, too. I’m going to do some entering myself, since winning a prize or two might help ease the sting of having to spend $10,000 or so on a new septic system for the house we still need to sell. :(  Yeeeouch.

I’ll see you in a few days, when I should have tons of news (and, I’m hoping, lots of new inspiration!) Until then, I’m making sure to note where I packed the coffee mugs, because this tired mama is going to need them….

As always, thanks for stopping by, and for reading. (((hugs to you!!)))

Ta-ta for now!


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It will all be worth it, right?

Well, the first edition of The Hungry Toddler Hop wasn’t exactly the raging success I had hoped for, but fear not, food-challenged toddler moms…I will not be deterred!

We linked up with 4 great kid-friendly recipes this time around, and my goal is to double that number for next time! I’m hoping you’ll scour through your collection of favorites, and share with us during the next link-up on August 5th!

(I can’t share all the details yet, but I have a project in the works that should drive a little more traffic and lots more fun to the HTH, so don’t miss it! ;) )

So, in other news, we were supposed to close on our new house by July 17th. Well, today is the 22nd and no word yet. My fridge stash is dwindling and we’re tripping over boxes at every turn – It’s a little frustrating to say the least. Actually, it’s a LOT frustrating since my realtor just called to tell us he wants to show our current home at 2pm tomorrow! Since the hubs and I are both working overtime, the house is…less than perfect.

I’m working all day today and leave for work at 4am tomorrow, so I have 2 choices:

1) Skip going to bed tonight and spend the night getting the house remotely show-able


2) Leave it all up to my husband and toddler.

There’s a really queasy feeling in my stomach right now. :(

So, as you would probably guess, blog-worthy food and domestic pursuits are pretty rare during this stretch of madness, as is finding the time to even type a sentence or two. So, party on, bloggy friends, and I’ll be back to join you just as soon as possible!

(Sooner than later, I’m hoping…)


Until then, I need your moving tips! Have you ever moved with a toddler in tow? Do you have any tips on keeping your routine intact, or just general tips on making the transition easier? I’d love to hear them!


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News! I have news!

Wow…what a week it’s been!

First…do you notice anything? (My husband always cringes when I ask that…)

You guessed it! Lots of changes are underway here at the blog. You  might notice a few of them just by looking around, but the biggest change is that I’m now self-hosted!

I had been considering making the switch for a long time, but I was just a little too intimidated by all the techie stuff to take the plunge. And I had no time. But then, I was contacted by Joseph from BlogTweaks and he offered me a great deal to take care of the switch for me. I couldn’t turn it down, and now it’s done! My blog had zero downtime, I got really great service, and I even learned a few things along the way! I’m SO glad I did it. If you’re considering the same type of switch, contact Joseph and he’ll give you $15 off!

Just visit BlogTweaks, send a message through the contact form, and mention my web address to get $15 off the regular price (which is already pretty low.)

In my opinion, it was worth every penny! :)

So I’ve made a few changes to my design, but I’ll probably keep tweaking for a while. One thing that will definitely stay, though, is my new GFC box. I wasn’t allowed to have one through WordPress.com, but I can now! I hope you’ll follow me! Sadly, I also lost all my email subscribers in the switch, but I’m hoping to get many of them back through word of mouth, some timely tweets and a bunch of carrier pigeons (I mean, how DO you tell your lost email subscribers that you’ve lost all your email subscribers?) If you happen to be a subscriber, please resubscribe! And if you’re new to my blog, there’s no time like the present, eh? ;)

The timing of this switch is great, too…because there will be some MAJOR changes going on over here in the ABCGP household.

drumroll please…

We bought a new house!! :D

Yup. We finally did it. It’s been a few years in the works, but last weekend we bought the cutest little house at auction, along with 6 acres of land!

It’s difficult to really express how I feel about the whole thing. I guess that’s why it took me a whole week to blog about it. I’m really overwhelmed with a lot of different emotions, but all of them lead to my being completely elated at the thought of a new home! Living in our tiny house has been tough for a myriad of reasons, and I was wearing thin, but it’s all worth it now. I always knew it would be, but now that it’s real, I’m jumping out of my skin to close and get our keys!

We’ll be living just a few miles from my parents (our childcare.) Sure, we could have moved closer to my job and cut down my commute, but that thought just didn’t feel right to me. We’re moving to a pretty remote, rural area, but it just feels more like where we want to raise our family…with some earth beneath us to put some roots down in. I feel like we stuck to our core ideals and chose a modest house that is well within our means, while at the same time providing our son with a great place to grow up, and that makes me feel like a good mom.  I just can’t stop thinking about all the things we will grow and learn on that land, and I’ll appreciate every second of it.

Plus, it will give me lots of great things to blog about! You know what they say about buying a new home, right? That’s when the new baby decides to show up! (Cross your fingers for us!) :)

I don’t have a lot of pics yet, but I can share the view from our new deck!


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