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Mother’s Day Giveaway: $25 Starbucks Gift Card #MomsGifts

mothers day gift ideas

Mom’s big day is almost here, and we all want to find the best gift to make her feel loved and appreciated. My own giveaway is listed below, but you can also head over to Makobi Scribe to see her mothers day gift ideas worth over $3000. Then, enter the grand prize drawing of a $1000 worth of Karina Dresses.

$25 Starbucks Gift Card

On the rare occasion that I can sneak away with my laptop, I make a beeline to Starbucks. If I’m lucky, I can do it early enough to watch the sunrise through the window while I get a little work or web surfing in.  My drug of choice? A decaf hazelnut macchiato and a slice of chocolate cinnamon bread. I know a lot of my mom friends share my love of a few peaceful moments over a great cup of joe, so my Mother’s Day giveaway will help you do just that with a $25 gift card to Starbucks! Whether you are Mom, or you want to celebrate Mom, that’s a lot of lattes!

Enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below. US only, 18 and over.


Makobi Scribe Reviews, LLC or the Mother’s Day Gift Event Bloggers are not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes.

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My First Mother’s Day: Part 2

I had an utterly lovely Mother’s Day weekend!

But then, who wouldn’t love a weekend full of rainbows and  miracles?

(Slight) Miracle #1: Imagine my surprise when, after my lasagna-induced bloatfest on Saturday night, I slipped right into my too-small jeans on Sunday morning! Those suckers were too small before I was pregnant! 

Yay for me for losing a pound and a half (I had to check), and yay for me for losing it without trying! I’ve been astutely focused on healthy eating for health’s sake, not limited eating for weight’s sake, and my body is starting to recognize. Nice.

Nutshell-recap of Mother’s Day:

I woke up early to head out and grab groceries and get a quick bit of work done at the WiFi Cafe.

Breakfast was too quick and too small. Bad Mommy.

Found this in my laptop. Love, love, love those boys.

Went to visit the g-mas and drop off these art projects gone awry…

In my mind, these were really cute and we had tons of fun making them. In reality, not so much.

We landed at my folks’ last, where a much-needed dinner was waiting for us. I had grabbed a Van’s waffle to eat in the car, but lunch didn’t happen. Again, Bad Mommy.

I ate and ate and ate. Lasagna, meatballs, strawberry shortcake. Have I mentioned that Moms is Italian? ’nuff said.

I’m kind of regretting not taking any pics, but sometimes trying to capture the moment makes you miss the moment, and this was a moment I wanted to be in.

It’s been a while since I had a meal this heavy. I felt a little weird after, like my blood sugar might be a little whacked out, but my body was screaming for it, so I ate it. Good Mommy.

I did skip the Cool Whip, though. Did you ever read the ingredients label on that stuff? Corn syrup, hydrogenated coconut and palm kernel oils, high fructose corn syrup, etc. Bleh. I just couldn’t do it.

As for the other Mother’s Day miracle…well, my boy, of course. I’ve only had him for a matter of months, but he’s the coolest, funniest, sweetest person I’ve ever met, and my heart is his forever. 

Little did I know the love I was about to fall into when I looked like this, just 6 short months ago..

Thanks for making mommyhood the best thing I’ve ever done, baby boy. I love you.

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My First Mother’s Day: Part 1

Happy Mother’s Day to all you fine mommas out there!

Rewind to yesterday:

Since we have lots of moms to celebrate this year, my husband made dinner reservations on Saturday. 

Mad props to the husbo for: 1. making reservations, 2. making them on Saturday at 4pm when the restaurant would not be so busy, and 3. choosing a local restaurant I’ve been wanting to scope out for nearly 3 years now!

Emma’s Food for Life is located in downtown Selinsgrove, and their niche is fresh food made from local ingredients. I complain a lot about the lack of restaurants like this, so I’m glad I finally got a chance to check it out.

I’ve heard that Emma’s runs some sort of free dinner program once a month, but I’ve been a little too scatterbrained lately to look into it. I finally took a moment to peek at their website, and here’s the scoop: In the monthly newsletter, it says that one night a month, they host a Free Community Dinner featuring live entertainment. It’s run on donations, so it’s sort of a “give what you can” deal.

They also feature a Seasonal Specialties Menu with $5 lunch and $10 dinner specials. Roasted potato and radish pizza for $5? Grass-fed steak with Chanterelle Gratin for $10?! Wow. Who knew? Shame on me for leaving Emma’s on my To-Do list for so long! I guess I need to limit my complaining about the lack of interesting restaurants in Selinsgrove from now on!

Bonus: A list of local suppliers on each table. Could this mean we might find a supplier of grass-fed beef? I plan to do a little digging…

Now, I’d like to introduce you to our dinner:

We started out with green tea infused with mint, which came with a little pot of honey for sweetening. A lovely idea, but the honey and the ice didn’t mix so well and I ended up with all my honey frozen to my straw. Yummy, but a little weird.

Appetizer: Falafel with lemon tahini sauce. A good choice, although I like a little more spice…

Then we noticed it….FREE WINE? Well, sort of. No liquor license means they can’t sell, but each entree comes with a complimentary glass (or you can BYOB.) Shane chose the Reisling, I opted for the Cab Franc. I asked for a small glass because I am super careful about alcohol these days, and I don’t want to have to pump and dump.  Pretty generous for a free pour, I’d say…

The menu had me a little giddy! By 4pm, I had eaten exactly one bowl of oats and 2 dates, so I was ravenous. After a long, methodical deliberation (I’m not the most spontaneous chick sometimes) I chose the Marvelous Mushroom Lasagna, which is layers of whole wheat pasta, an exotic mushroom mix and butternut squash topped with Swiss and Parm. 

Yeah, I know. I said I’m off dairy. I’m bending the rules today. Sue me. (Then see below where I say I’m still off dairy.)

Gooey, sweet, and really rich, it did not disappoint. The asparagus was a fun surprise and helped lighten the dish a little. It was lemony and perfectly cooked. I don’t think I’ve ever had better.

Shane’s choice: the Vietnamese Salad Rolls. (At least I believe that’s what these were called. Oops… Bad blogger.) They arrived with a peanut dipping sauce and wheat-y noodles sprinkled with sesame seeds.

He’s been looking for these for years, but can only find fried egg rolls, so he was just tickled pink a masculine shade of blue.

We are usually dessert-at-home kind of people, but we have a card (purchased for a MERE $5!) from the local Boy Scouts that entitled us to a free dessert (that card has a few dozen local businesses on it, with discounts or offers for each. You can’t spend a better five spot.) 

So we splurged and each got one…Me, the Chocolate Zucchini Cake. He, the Frozen Irish Whiskey Torte.

Thick, rich, chocolatey and really dense. Right up my alley. I brilliantly forgot about my glass of Cab until this point, when I had a pile of chocolate in front of me! Couldn’t have worked out better. 

Shane’s not a chocolate fan (gasp!) so he wasn’t excited about the crust, but he gave this guy a thumbs-up anyway. I had a bite, and it was darned yummy, but I didn’t really taste whiskey.

This is what it looks like when Finn and I are sitting at a restaurant table and I get distracted for a second. Spacey, I know. That is a toy mushroom, in case you’re wondering.

So, feeling stuffed and happy, we headed a block or so down to the coffee shop. Daddy-O’s plan was to get some fun drinks and let me play for a while online, but they were closing. At 5pm. On a Saturday. We found out that they close every day by 5pm. Then we remembered that’s why we’ve never eaten there. What a waste of a coffee shop with a great menu.

***This is the part where I say that I agree with myself about dairy. Now, my meal surely wasn’t low fat or low cal, so I’m not sure exactly what element had me puffing up beyond belief about an hour after we ate, but I suspect the cheese. I nearly had to undo my button, and I haven’t felt like that in months. I still love the cheese, but I’m thinking it might not be worth it. It just doesn’t feel like it’s making me any healthier. I don’t think that’s any reflection on the food at Emma’s, though. Most people would dig that cheesiness.

And then the wild hurricane blew into town, nearly knocking us over in the parking lot and whipping me in the face with my own hair. I find that INCREDIBLY annoying.

So we tried to go home, but then we spotted it. The rainbow. And our adventurous death-defying spirits drove us to go RAINBOW CHASING!

So it’s not quite as thrilling as storm chasing, but we thought it was pretty cool. Neither of us had ever seen a full, double rainbow from end to end before. You can sort of see both rainbows in the pics. It’s really neat how the colors reverse in the top one.

We got so close it felt like we could just reach out and touch it…

 I’m not even sure what to say about this pic. Ripe with symbolism, don’t you think?

And then, a very happy Mommy, Daddy and sweet sleeping baby headed home for some down time. After starting the day at 3am, I needed it.

Tomorrow, we celebrate the rest of the mommies!


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