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MommyCon Philly 2013: A Recap

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If so, you probably saw a few pics from MommyCon last Sunday. If not, well head over there and do it now! (I’m wendykate99 and I’ll follow you back!)

So, MommyCon. How fun, right? There really was no question that I’d love the event. Babywearing, cloth diapering, my online idols all in one place. It was even pretty close to me – just a few hours away in Philly. Easy day trip.

Screen shot 2013-08-12 at 10.54.02 PM

And I didn’t have to go alone! For a minute I thought it would just be me and my baby girl making the trek to Philly, but then Emily from Mama Days got her hands on a ticket and we picked her up on the way. I’m so glad because I think it was much more fun as a trio! Continue reading


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I’m heading to MommyCon…with Lillebaby!


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I’m super excited (and slightly nervous) to announce that my baby girl and I will be heading to Philly for MommyCon one week from today! The excitement is for obvious reasons, and the nervousness…well, that’s just because I don’t like driving in a city I don’t know. Once my car is safely parked somewhere, I’ll be just fine.

I’m also pretty stoked to announce that I’ll be wearing my little one all day (strollers are discouraged at the event), courtesy of lillebaby! We never used a stroller much, but it was just easier for us to hold our first child, I guess. This time, babywearing is coming so much easier and I can’t believe how helpful and beneficial it is. Here’s the orange and cream beauty we’ll be sporting… Continue reading


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