Homemade Food Gifts: Caramel Apple Mini Cakes


For many of us, a happy holiday starts with great food. This is the time of year to bust out every top notch ingredient, pull your best kitchen tricks out of your sleeve and get the good dishes dirty. It’s also about baking the very best you can, with the spirit of the season in…

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Sweet Potato Biscuit Bars with Pineapple Glaze {Recipe}


When it comes to things that could greet you in the morning on a cold winter day, you could definitely do worse than this: a warm sweet potato biscuit, full of flaky layers and studded with dried cranberries and pineapple.  I know, I know. Gestational diabetes. Don’t worry – it’s still top of mind, but…

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Recipe: Crunchy Sugar Cookies (featuring King Arthur Flour)


Before I became a writer by trade, I spent nearly 20 years as a cake decorator. I spent a lot of time with multicolored hands. Once, I even found icing in my ear while I was out shopping at Kohl’s. Each year, when the holidays rolled around, I turned into a veritable hurricane, making 15…

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Happy Holidays Giveaway Hop: Season's Greetings Prize Package! {Ends 11.29}


Welcome to the Happy Holidays Giveaway Hop hosted by Mom to Bed by 8 and Life With Two Boys! The holidays will be before you know it, so to make things a little easier on you and your wallet, my blogger friends and I decided to give you an opportunity to WIN your gifts this year!  After…

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Spring Fever Then and Now {Orange Bunny Buns Easter Recipe}

We always want better for our kids, right? Sure, I want my son to have more than I had growing up. More opportunities, more experiences, more everything. But that’s not to say that what I had wasn’t good enough. Quite the opposite, really. In fact, as spring settles in and a sense of renewal hits…

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For Your Valentine: Fudgy Whole Grain Brownies


What is it about Valentine’s Day that makes people think they have to spend a fortune or get all stressed out about gift giving? In my opinion, there’s only one way to show your Valentine how much you care. FEED THEM! 😀