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Cloth Diaper Update: Marvels by Kissaluvs

I feel like it’s been forever since my last cloth diaper update!

We’re plugging right along, and I’m still committed to the cloth. It’s so much fun, and there are just SO many adorable diapers out there! I look at new diapers the way I used to look at new handbags! :lol:

It’s so funny to see the reactions I get when I mention it! Here are a few I’ve heard…

“Oh, you’re doing things the old-fashioned way?”

“Ew! What do you do with the…you knowpoop?”

“Not me. I don’t have time for that.”

“Must be nice to have that kind of time.”

Um, yeah. I switched to cloth because I didn’t have enough to do. :roll:

Anyway, in my last update, I was all about the Fuzzibunz. I just love them. They are soft, they fit well, and we’ve now used them for several full nights of sleep (which means about 8 hours in my house) with not a leak in sight. I figure, if it ain’t broke, why fix it, right?

Well, because Kelly’s Closet still has coupon codes for free diapers. :D

Is there anything more fun than this at the end of a hard day?

OK, maybe there is, but this is still pretty fun.

So, inside were my 2 new Fuzzibunz, and my surprise Marvels All-in-One One-Size Diaper from Kissaluvs, in a very appropriate blue! (Although I am really not a blue=boy believer. We’re trying to build a collection of all the brighter colors.) 

Hmmm…Kissaluvs. Heard of ‘em, but I didn’t know much. I felt the material…nice and soft. I saw lots of snaps…nice. I noticed these were blue snaps that blended in nicely. The outer layer is 100% PUL, with the inner layer and soaker made of 100% polyester.
I was surprised to see that this new diaper did not come with an extra soaker. Most of the OS diapers I’ve seen seem to come with 2: one smaller and one larger, since the point is to use them on your baby from birth to potty training. But then I looked closer and noticed something different about my new Marvel’s soaker…it’s attached to the diaper! I guess this is so you don’t have to stuff it, or go searching through your laundry pile to match up soakers with the pockets they belong in. I honestly don’t mind stuffing my FB, so this didn’t seem like a necessary feature to me, but I am thinking it might be really convenient if you have a lot of different styles of fluff in your stash, and all your soakers, stuffers and inserts are a little different. Then, it could save you some serious time.

But does it get as clean as the diapers with removable inserts? Yes! And you know why? Because the diaper turns itself inside-out in the washer, so the soaker and the outer cover both get a thorough wash! Really, it works. I don’t know how, but every time I wash mine, it’s inside out at the end of the cycle. Then I just pop it on the clothesline to dry (which does take just a tad longer than my FB, but not much), then I flip it back to outside-in and it’s ready to go! Pretty nifty, I must say.

For anyone who is annoyed by the pad-peek in the back of a FB, you’ll also find this little pocket flap that holds the soaker in…

…whereas the FB lets it pop out the back a little.

I have found, though, that the soaker seems just a bit too long for the diaper, so when I force the end into that flap so it doesn’t show, we get a very puffy bum. (Right at the top, by the waistband…see it?)

Considering how often my boy falls down on that bum, the puff may not be entirely bad…

Here is a side by side (blue Marvel and yellow Fuzzibunz) so you can see the different in width. I’ve heard from some that their FB leak because they are too narrow in the crotch, but I haven’t had a problem with leaks at all. If you do, you might want to try a Marvel, because they are a hair wider.

The elastic on the Marvel feels really strong, and it looks and feels sturdy and durable. That said, at this point, I’m liking the fit of the Fuzzibunz better (especially because they have a unique adjustable elastic system for a personalized leg fit). And I much prefer the tag location on the FB, not that the tag location really matters all that much. The tag on the Marvel just always reminds me of the way it looks when your tag on your t-shirt is sticking out. :razz:

I’m really happy to welcome this diaper into my stash.  Fit is a relative issue, but the functionality seems about equal for both of these diapers—I haven’t had a leak with either! Our new Marvel is serving us very well so far, and it’s in the regular rotation. I’m on the fence, though, for a few reasons:

  • The FB comes with an adjustable elastic system, a replacement elastic to extend the life of the diaper, and an extra soaker.
  • The FB are slightly lower in price, from what I’ve found (correct me on this if I’m wrong.)
  • The FB are available in 15 colors, while the Marvels only offer 6.
  • I really like the fit of the FB (but will it continue to fit that well as my boy grows and changes?)

But the Kissaluvs have the FB beat BY FAR in that they are made in the USA (fabrics, too) by a small, family-owned company that makes it their business to ensure a fair and pleasant work atmosphere. When you consider those points, an extra buck or two doesn’t seem like much (I’m definitely on a tight budget, but I like to feel good about where my dollars go.)  They even donate fabric scraps! Those things are pretty important in my book, so I may consider a few more of these, and I’d love to try some of the other products in the Kissaluvs family (milk pads!!)

Now, if I could just find a diaper that is as cute as my FB, and made like my Kissaluvs, only with natural materials, I’d be set! Until then, I’m pretty darn impressed with the stash I’m building so far. Who knew diapering could be this much fun?!


On a different note, as much as I’m liking my cloth, I’m having a slight issue with stinkies. I have a front loader, so I’m thinking lack of water might be the issue. I also have well water that has iron, and we have a softener system on it. I am waiting for a sample of Rockin’ Green to arrive so I can rock a soak and see if that works, but I’d love any advice you CD moms can give! I hear natural fibers don’t have this problem as much…

Oh, and if you have any diaper recommendations that you think will work for me, I’d be happy to listen! You mommies (and daddies-you too!) are, by far, my best resource!


In the market for some new fluff?  How about some Rumparooz? Head over to The Cloth Diaper Whisperer for the Fluff Friday 88 Giveaway! And if you’d like to try Rockin’ Green on your precious stash, head over to Breastfeeding Momma and enter the giveaway!


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Cloth Diaper Update: I’m a FuzziBeliever!

What a difference a week or two can make!

When I last checked in with a cloth diaper update, I had given the covers and prefolds a whirl, but the majority of my attention was being given to the gDiapers, which I had so badly wanted to like. Fit issues were pretty much handled and I was trying to teach my husband and my mom how to properly fit the G so that my boy didn’t end up with red chafing around his hips. 

That probably should have been when I called it quits (it just shouldn’t be that difficult to learn how to use a diaper. Who had that kind of time?) but I persevered! Then, I noticed the issue with the velcro.

After a little research, I found that gDiapers has had an ongoing issue with weak velcro that doesn’t stay attached. I’ve found lots of comments about it online, and I was (un)lucky enough to get 4 pairs of gPants that were manufactured before they found a better velcro with a more dependable “stick” (I guess it’s the hook part of the velcro that was the problem.) 

Just magine what could happen with a poopy diaper and velcro that won’t stay stuck!

So I contacted the company, for the third time, and they happily sent me an envelope containing this:

A pile of little velcro pieces to sew on the diapers, instructions, and 3 coupons that were set to expire in exactly 7 days. 

OK, so you can’t really say that you support small business and then complain when they can’t give you the world, and I don’t mean to bash gDiapers because their customer service is pretty good, but what mother of a 7-month-old baby has enough time to sit, uninterrupted, long enough to sew that many pieces of velcro on, by hand no less, and do it well enough that these things aren’t going to come loose after months of diapering? (I can’t even have a glass of water without my son climbing up my body to get it; I can’t imagine a needle and thread!)

…and the coupons? Come on, now. :|

So, at this point I was really on the fence. And then IT arrived.  

My package from Kelly’s Closet. I ordered some liners and a few odds and ends, and used a coupon code for a free one size cloth diaper of the company’s choosing.


As soon as I opened the package, I got excited.

Soft? Yes. Cute? Yes. Easy to understand construction? Yes. It even came with an extra insert (inserts get stuffed into the inner pocket) and extra elastic!

I couldn’t wait to put it on his little bum! But I had to wash it first…Boo. (at least I didn’t have to wash it 6–8 times like my prefolds and gCloth inserts…that’s a lot of laundry!)

When I had the diaper washed and ready to go (these air-dry really fast–a big plus!), I put it on with ease. There are lots of sturdy-looking snaps and adjustable elastic to ensure a really good fit.

Here’s a look at the little man, showing off his fluffy bum. (Can you believe my son is the only child I’ve ever even seen in a cloth diaper? The only one I can remember, anyway…)

We used our Fuzzibunz for a few hours, then for naptime, then overnight with a doubler, and we have not had a leak yet! Even when it was really, really wet, no leak. 

Why didn’t anyone tell me it could be this simple?

At this point, I’m a believer. I’ve since ordered three more Fuzzibunz in some really cute, bright colors and I can’t wait for them to arrive (pretty smart sales tactic on the part of Kelly’s Closet.) I have plans to increase our stash to at least 12 or 16 before long (the recommendation for full-time diapering.) Each Fuzzibunz runs right around $19.95 in most places I’ve seen, but a little time online can yield great coupon code savings. Be sure to take advantage of free shipping when you find it! Kelly’s Closet also offers rewards points: the more you buy, the more points you get!

I am sad to see my gDiapers go, but I just couldn’t spend that much time trying to make them work, when the one-size Fuzzibunz just work. As all you mommies out there know, there are better and far more important things to do with your time…

Will I find any problems with my new Fuzzibunz? Maybe. Am I open to other brands? You bet! But I think I’m sticking with the one-size all-in-ones or pocket diapers. Sure, I’d like the perfect diaper, one made in America, with organic fabrics and no synthetics, but I’m getting closer all the time, and I’m really not out to save the world. I just want to find a diaper I can feel good about for our family and our little pooper. 

I think we just may have found it! 


If you’re on the prowl for cloth diapers, too, the hunt can get expensive! Check out these giveaways and maybe you’ll increase your stash for FREE!

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BTW, I’ll be posting a fun baby bathtime giveaway in the next couple of days…be sure to check back and enter to win!


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Cloth Diapering: The Adventure Begins…

Yeah, baby! Our first shipment of cloth diapers has arrived! Let the games begin…

I will admit without shame that I am intimidated. No doubt. The thought of swishing these things around in a bucket full of vinegar and poop is not helping me sleep easy at night… 8O

Little did I know when I first decided to try cloth how much research it would require, and how much learning I’d have to do. These things are not cheap, and I sure didn’t want to spend money recklessly on diapers that we wouldn’t end up using. Plus, I just really like lots of information :)

My two main sources of info were, of course, the internet, and the incomparable Mothering Magazine. I found that there are several different styles of cloth diapers: flats, prefolds, fitted, wraps and covers, pockets, all-in-ones, hybrids–and they all come in a variety of fabrics: cotton, organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, polyester, etc. With each, you can opt to add additional liners, inserts, stuffers and doublers, also available in a variety of fabrics.

Once you choose the style of diaper you want, there are no less than a billion different makers, including: Bummis, Bumkins, Fuzzibuns, Mother-Ease, BumGenius, Flip, Imse Vimse, Gdiapers, Smartipants, Thirsties, the list goes on and on and on…

And then, you have to decide where to order them, because you can’t just go to the store and pick them up. I did a search of the entire Central PA area, and the only ones I found without a minimum of a 2-hour drive were Gdiapers (a hybrid), sold at the Babies R Us about an hour away. You may have more luck if you live in a more populated area. (Wal-Mart offers a few options through their site-to-store feature, and they don’t make you pay shipping, but I prefer not to shop at Wal-Mart.)

(Just FYI: We started out by registering for Gdiapers when I was pregnant. I got several from a friend who buys the best gifts, but we found that the snaps and waistband irritated our baby’s skin. I wish we could have figured out the problem, because they’re super cute. They are currently for sale on eBay, and I’m sure someone who uses them will gets lots of use out of them. So we did actually have reusable diapers since he was born, but found ourselves not using them in favor of disposables. That’s why we are considering NOW to be our first real foray into the world of cloth…)

I found way too much info to share it all, so I’ll share what we decided on. Because cost is an issue, we decided to go the old school route and try prefolds (the type used by diaper services) in organic cotton. We purchased 8. Pros of these seem to be affordability, proven track record and durability. Cons seem to be bulkiness, the fact that they have to be carefully folded, and, well, I haven’t used them yet so I don’t really know what else…

This is what they look like. They have to be washed 3-5 times before use to quilt them up and establish absorbancy. I will use the dryer to shrink them up as directed, but after that they will be dried on the clothesline!

As soon as I noticed how soft these were, I felt reassured that I had made the right decision for my baby’s bum. They are big, though. I’m a little nervous about how I’m going to make that fit…

Now we needed something to fit over the prefolds. After weeding through the mountains of options, I chose one Flip cover in Moonbeam (Blue), adjustable so one size fits all, made of polyester. :? We also got one Imse Vimse cover, size large, in organic cotton with a cute farm animal print. 

Personally, I’m rooting for the organic cotton cover for obvious reasons, but I’m keeping my mind open. I would love to love both.

I ordered from BananaPeelsDiapers because I stumbled upon a $5 off $50 and free shipping code in Mothering Magazine, and that was the best deal I found. Customer service was great and shipping was prompt, so I would definitely order from them again.

They included a free sample of Punkin Booty Bits in Breezes and Sunshine scent. How nice to get an added bonus! (LOVE FREE SAMPLES!) You just melt them in hot water and add them to a container full of reusable cloth wipes or folded paper towels for soothing, homemade, all-natural wipes that smell lovely and keep your baby’s butt soft and clean. Perk: They don’t contain any sulfates or phthalates, and are made with essential oils. Yummy butt! 

I want to try different online sellers, and Kelly’s Closet is offering a free All-in-One diaper with a $25 purchase, so our next order will be placed with them!

I’m currently in laundry mode, but I’m anxious to start diapering in the next few days. I plan to use the jelly roll fold to start. Ha ha, I love the way it sounds like I know what I’m doing!

I’m starting to hate even looking at those yucky old  ’sposies. 

Stay tuned for our Adventures in Cloth…this could be entertaining… :P


Do you use (or plan to use) cloth diapers? Were you as clueless as I am when you started? How is it working out?

Please feel free to share any tips or recommendations! I would appreciate the help of any and all seasoned cloth users out there, mommies OR daddies!

***Giveaway notice! The Progressive Pioneer is giving away a gift certificate to the Vintage Pearl here. Beautiful stuff!


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