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Date Night Snack Plate

Wow…what a day. I was up and at ‘em at 5am, getting ready to go peddle my goods at my parents’ yard sale. Business could have been better, but I made enough to cover my next shipment of cloth diapers! :D

We did a little visiting at an old friend’s house after the yard sale wrapped up, then headed home around 8pm with a very sleepy baby. He zonked in no time, leaving a little bit of time for mommy and daddy to sit and breathe. The perfect opportunity to break out some of the fun finds from our last shopping excursion! (Many of which required me to put my disdain for dairy on hold for the evening. I’m telling you, I don’t even miss most of it, but that darned cheese gets me every time…)

The husbo set to work poppin’ corks while I started assembling a happy snack platter for us to graze on while watching some random whatever on TV. Have I mentioned that we used to do this a lot when we first started dating? Despite all that’s changed, I guess some things stay the same, and we still like our foodsploration!  Do I mind that our date night isn’t fancier, or spent out on the town? Nope…not one bit. I love knowing that my son is safe and snuggly in the next room. Wouldn’t have it any other way, or at least not yet, anyway.

The array of tidbits included: 

One apple and a few Medjool dates (SUCH a treat!)…

Jicama slices, sprinkled with lime juice and an individually packed teaspoon of organic chile pepper…

And finally, a lovely cheese trio: some heavenly cheddar curds, a sharp New York cheddar, and my new favorite…

A French cheese called Mimolette. It’s dry and tangy, and if you like to pair cheese with fresh apples, you’ve GOT to try this one!

It’s a little ugly on the outside…

until you get to know it. :D

A healthier-than-usual pour of this Hunter’s Valley Berry Mountain Red

Not too fancy, not too sweet – just the way I like it.

Did I mention it’s a local wine? Two woots for buying local!

I was wishing we had some fresh berries to cap off the evening, but there were none to be found.

But we did have… *drumroll please*… Chocolate (What else?) in the form of 70% cacao dark chocolate covered cocoa nibs!

Nice and bitter, barely sweet. I must have these sprinkled over vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream, or maybe vegan banana soft serve. 

Just a few, though. It’s a rare occasion when the entire ABCGP family has the opportunity to sleep late in the morning, and I wouldn’t want anything to mess with my much-needed Zzzzz’s!


Imagine your perfect snack plate…what’s on it?

What’s your favorite cheese?


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They can’t all be winners…

If I were a camera, where would I be?

Why, I’d be right in Miss Wendy’s purse, where she looked 100 times. Where else?

Hmmmm….what to write about today? I could write about wheatberries, and how they are a great, versatile addition to any pantry, or I could write about Jicama and how I love the sweetish crunch it gives to salads and sandwiches…

But instead, I think I’ll write about how sometimes the best intentions in the kitchen go totally south, and you end up with a big bowl of bleh.

The big bag of wheatberries on my counter kept heckling me, “Wendy, what are you going to dooooooo with me????” until I’d finally had enough. I decided to pop them into the crockpot on my day off so I could enjoy a creamy wheatberry breakfast porridge the next morning. 

So in they went, 3 cups of them, with 7 cups of water an 1/2 tsp of salt. I’m not sure if that is exactly right or not, but they came out beautifully after about 4 hours on high and 2 on low.

I added 1 1/2 cups of wheatberries and 1 1/2 cups of rolled oats to 2 cups of coconut milk and about 1/4 cup of dried cranberries. A few tester bites told me it needed a little cinnamon. (next time, I’m thinking cardamom…)

In the morning, I ended up adding a little almond milk to thin it out after a minute in the microwave. A few almonds and a tiny spoonful of coconut butter and it was a true fuzzy blanket of a breakfast–warm and comforting. I love the chewy texture wheatberries give to a dish, especially when it jazzes up my morning oats. I love them, but they do need a little pizzazz once in a while.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Rewind to the night before…

After preparing the next day’s breakfast, I found myself with lots of leftover wheatberries, so I put some in the freezer and had a few cups left for playing…and that’s when the wheels started turning…

Many of my best recipes happen just that way. I start off with one ingredient I need to use  up, take an inventory of what I have, and start into Mad Scientist Mode. But every once in a while, things do not go exactly as planned.

Hanging on my fridge was a recipe from Rachael Ray….Heck of a Jicama Slaw. 

Hmmm…I have a big jicama to use up. I also have lime, and cumin, and honey, and cilantro….

You can see where this is going, right?

I also had the very first of the season’s yellow pear tomatoes. Too cute!

Yes, those are Silly Bandz…what’s it to ya?  :)

Since I didn’t have all the ingredients to follow RR’s recipe exactly, I omitted some and added in my tomatoes and wheatberries. 

And this was the finished product:

Pretty ugly, isn’t it? If you eat with your eyes first, as Chef wisdom says, my eyes said, “Bleh!”

Remarkably, this did have a pretty nice sweet and spicy flavor, but the texture was a little weird, and the color offputting. We ate it, but it didn’t float my boat, if you know what I mean. Not a keeper. 

Sorry, Rachael Ray.

Lessons for the day: 

1. When Rachael Ray recommends jicama matchsticks, listen to her. Shredding in the processor releases far too much water and makes for a not-so-pleasant mush.

2. Sometimes it is ok to just throw it all into the compost pile and start over. 

Have a happy 4th of July weekend, all! I look forward to hearing about it!


I know I’m not alone…Tell me about your less-than-wonderful recipe mishaps!


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