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Our family is growing!

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No, we don’t have a baby on the way, but we are planning an exciting new addition in the spring! These are Indian Runner ducks, and we’re planning on adding a pair of them to our family just as soon as the weather warms up. Aren’t they the cutest!? 😀

We won’t be forgetting this one.


It would be easy to be sad…or angry…looking at this mess. But this flood has shown me what we truly have…

A new life for us.

I finally got what I wanted. So why do I feel so weird about it?

News! I have news!


Wow…what a week it’s been! First…do you notice anything? (My husband always cringes when I ask that…) You guessed it! Lots of changes are underway here at the blog. You  might notice a few of them just by looking around, but the biggest change is that I’m now self-hosted! I had been considering making the… [read more]