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Recipe: Tuna-Stuffed Tomatoes with Apples and Tarragon #OceanNaturals


A lot of tuna recipes qualify as classic comfort food. Creamy tuna casseroles, cheesy tuna melts, mayo-laden tuna salads. Sure, they taste great, but I wouldn’t exactly call them healthy.

And even if you wanted to indulge in some of those tuna tempations, it’s kind of hard to find quality tuna these days. My mom and I have been buying one of the more “natural” brands, and she recently asked, “Have you noticed that tuna we buy is looking more and more like dog food?” It’s true. I had already stopped buying it by the time she asked me.

So we haven’t really been eating a lot of tuna lately. Fresh is expensive, and there’s just no telling where some of that canned stuff comes from. But last week, I was asked to create a tuna recipe using Ocean Naturals Wild Premium Tuna.

 photo ScreenShot2013-10-16at95903PM.png

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