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My little fruit hugger

As usual, my Friday is out of control. They always are, especially because my alarm goes off at 3 am on Saturdays!

Couple my whack schedule with my lack of camera, and this has been one challenging week of blogging!

I’m trying not to stalk the UPS guy too hard, but my new camera is on its way, and I think I’ll have it tomorrow. Look out for picture mania, comin’ your way! I can’t wait!

So, I’m keeping this short and sweet today with one of the last pics I have from my dear old camera. :cry:

It’s my Hug-A-Fruit Month photo! :D

See how the diaper even matches? I totally didn’t even do that on purpose…

Happy Friday, everyone!


I had a conversation about fruit with a coworker today. I say fruit should be hugged in all dishes, both savory and sweet. She said, “No way, fruit is fruit, dinner is dinner.” 

What do YOU say?


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The No-Food Diet?

I’m troubled.

A few days ago, I was privy to a conversation between a few coworkers. It was right around lunchtime, and one coworker was ordering takeout. She asked if anyone wanted to get in on the order. 

I then heard two of the women involved say, “No thanks. We can’t eat until Wednesday.”

No food for 2 whole days?

Man, did my ears perk up….!

As it turns out, they are in the beginning stages of the Hollywood Diet. Now, my food mindset is worlds away from any kind of restrictive “diet”, so I am not familiar with the Hollywood Diet, but to hear them tell it, they have to drink some “miracle” liquid, and eat nothing but a few “miracle” cookies, and they are supposed to lose 8 pounds in a matter of a day or two.

I’m not sure if I have that exactly right (and they may not have, either) but I can’t imagine specifics would make a whole lot of difference. No matter how the diet goes, it just strikes me as sad. 

Seeing perfectly beautiful, healthy women talk about how to lose weight and “get skinny” without one mention of health hurts me to my very core, and frankly, it makes me kind of angry. We need to be setting a better example for our younger sisters, nieces, daughters and friends. And what I find REALLY scary is the fact that where there’s one woman with this attitude toward weight loss, there is usually a whole group willing to join in the diet with her. 

It’s so discouraging. 

And then, there’s the new diet drug, Qnexa, that I keep hearing about on the news.

What I took from the newscast I saw was:

  • There is a new weight loss drug coming to the market.
  • This time it’s really supposed to work! (Big, fat WHATEVER to that…)
  • It contains Fentermine, the Fen of Fen-Phen fame infamy.

OK. Yeah, THAT sounds like a good idea. Sign me up for a bottle. What could go wrong?

What’s even better, it seems that we have THREE new diet drugs coming our way!

What the %#*? is going on!!??

Haven’t we gotten past all this? Haven’t we made PROGRESS? And then I remember that not everyone takes advantage of the great, supportive community of healthy lifestyle bloggers that I am lucky enough to have on my side. ;)

There are very few things in life that I know for sure, but I am certain that skinny doesn’t equal healthy, and neither will ever be found in a pill or empty plate. 

It’s really, really difficult to keep my mouth shut when I hear conversations like the one I heard at work. I want to butt in and spout off and ask them if they have ever heard of whole grains and clean, whole foods and water and fruits and veggies and NO SODA! I want to shake them and tell them that, for years, this fad diet garbage has been peddled to women with poor self esteem and body image issues, and they shouldn’t buy into it. But most of all, I want to tell them that they are worth more than the size of their pants, and that they are beautiful just the way they are, and that health should be their main priority for the sake of their children, if nothing else.

But I don’t do those things. I’m already the one in my office who is a little different, a little strange, because of the way I eat and the choices I make. So I don’t make waves, but I do plant seeds.

I continue to bring things like my quinoa berry salad (and tolerate the disgusted faces people make when they ask what it is) and banana, like I did today, and say, “No, thanks” when someone offers me something that I don’t feel good about eating, because good sense tells me there is only one true way to achieve good health and an appropriate, comfortable weight:

I do not, by any stretch of the imagination, have it all figured out, nor am I an extreme “health nut.”

I slip up on my health goals nearly every day, and I’ll admit that one of my biggest fears about stating my beliefs is that someone will look at me and think I’m not thin enough to actually practice what I preach…that I’m a big fraud.

And maybe I’m just a wee bit jealous that folks aren’t as eager to jump on my bandwagon as they are to drink miracle elixers and look for easy fixes, but I do strive to set the best example I can in the hopes that one day one of those women just might ask me for a recipe.


What do you do when you hear people talk about losing weight in an unhealthy way? Do you keep quiet, or do you chime in and state your opinion? Do you ever feel like you’ve made a difference?


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If you don’t like you, who will?

According to Mothering Magazine, today is Compliment Your Mirror Day!

Seeing as how Mothering is the absolute BEST magazine on the face of the planet, I figure it must be true, and that’s got me thinking about how very few compliments I’ve been paying my mirror lately.

I’m afraid I’m falling into a really harsh period of self-criticism in my journey toward good health. You’d think that establishing healthier eating habits, becoming more in tune with my body, and trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle overall would make me feel pretty dang good about myself. But, I’m afraid the opposite may be happening. But, knowing myself and how self-critical I’ve always been, this really isn’t any big surprise. A positive self-image has never been easily attainable for me, and except for when I was pregnant and my body was doing something absolutely magical, I’ve never liked what I’ve seen in the mirror. 

I think it’s because I only see my weight, and I directly equate my weight with my self-discipline and ability to achieve a goal. So for me, weight=self-worth, whether I like it or not.

Now, I just have to figure out what to do about it.

Here are a few examples.

1. Not long ago, I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few items. I wanted some falafel mix, some whole wheat pitas, dates, all the normal stuff. My husband says to me on my way out the door, “Can you get me a bag of chips, and some frozen chicken pies for my lunch.” 8O (Yes, my husband has a certain fondness for the bachelor food of his past….I’ll just say EW! and save that for another post…) 

As I walked through the grocery store, I filled my cart with my whole grain, all-natural, feel-good picks, and then darted over to the chips and freezer aisles to pick up my husband’s requests. I realized something was up when I found myself darting through the store, sure that someone would see my cart and think, “Boy, that girl sure doesn’t need to be eating those potato chips…” I was on the verge of embarrassment at the checkout, wondering if I should make a comment about how I certainly didn’t plan to eat the offending items…

First, I was angry with my husband. I don’t ask him to buy tampons, so he shouldn’t ask me to buy frozen, processed chicken in a goopy crust made of who-knows-what. Same thing, don’t you think? Then, I was angry with myself. First, I thought, be reasonable…nobody eats perfectly all the time, and second, don’t flatter yourself…nobody cares what’s in your cart!!

2. It’s one thing if I can’t compliment my own mirror, but I just can’t seem to accept a compliment from anyone else, either. My husband, my mom, several coworkers, have all paid me compliments lately, ranging from how my skin has gotten so much better since I’ve given up processed foods to how good I look post-prego. I know that my skin has gotten better, and I know that I have lost all my pregnancy weight and fit into clothes now that I couldn’t even wear before I got pregnant, but it just doesn’t feel right to me to accept a compliment with denying it, or following it up with something like, “Thanks, but it’s really just the clothes that make me look thinner” or  ”I really should be exercising more because I’m so out of shape.”

I know it’s an unattractive way to be. Nobody likes a whiner. “Thank you” is what I should say. Just “Thank you.”

3. Today, I’m heading off to the biggest party of the year among my circle of friends. The 4th of July always brings crowds of people to an old friend’s house along the Susquehanna river, and it could easily turn into a 2-day event. Kegs of beer, lots of food, canoes and fireworks…it’s always a good time and a good chance to see all the people we don’t see all year long, including some who even come from out of state. 

I could be thinking of how much fun I’ll be having, but I’m not. I could be thinking about how much fun it will be to introduce my son to all the people who have not met him yet, but I’m not. My mind is on whether the new shorts I just got do a good enough job of hiding the body flaws I have since having my baby, and what I could possibly wear with them to emphasize the good and de-emphasize the bad. See, last year at this time I was a few months pregnant and I am absolutely terrified that someone at the party might snicker, “Wow, look how fat she got!” or “She’ll never look the same after having that baby.”

I’m so bad at group functions anyway because I get a bit of food phobia in a crowd. As in the grocery store, it goes back to thinking that everyone is going to notice what I eat and comment or wonder why I would possibly think it was a good idea to eat this, or that. I also feel that with my commitment to healthy eating, I might be considered a bit of a hypocrite is I indulge in some party food, I’ll discredit myself, and then all my hard work will be for naught.

Again, I don’t know why I think anyone even cares. In fact, I know that no one does. 

I am starting to become very aware of how observant my son is now that he’s not a newborn anymore, and how he is going to start really following my lead soon. I’m not kidding myself for one second into thinking that because I have a boy, I don’t have to worry about things like body image issues or self-love. My attitudes and behaviors will help mold the man he grows up to be, and I want the lens through which he views himself to be much, much more positive than mine, so I’d better get working on this. Nothing brings a bigger smile to his face right now than that baby in the mirror, and I’d like to keep it that way.

First step? I’m going to see how hot it is outside today, and I’m going to dress accordingly, so that I’m comfortable enough to wear my sling to carry around that perfect little being that this body created. If I don’t look perfect, so be it. And if I’m hungry, I’m going to make the best choice I can given the options at hand. 

And finally, if I pass a mirror in the course of my day, I’m going to tell that it doesn’t need to be perfect, because it’s pretty flippin’ remarkable the way it is. 


What do you think when you look in the mirror?

Do you ever get self-conscious in the grocery store?


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