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Ouch. My head hurts.

Today’s a pretty boring food day for me, and I don’t have much in the way of baby news since I’m spending the whole day at work, away from my boy. :(

But I do have a fantastic headache to talk about.

I’ve been getting these horrible headaches since about a month after I gave birth. I thought maybe it was low iron, so I had that checked. It was fine. I’ve found that when I get enough sleep and make an effort to drink and eat enough, they are far less frequent.  I have a problem with chronic dehydration and I guess, of all the things that could be causing these headaches, that one makes the most sense. I just don’t ever drink anything. And now that I’m 6 months into breastfeeding, it’s a constant battle.

While I was pregnant, I drank a lot of coconut water. I think I need to pick that habit back up. I love the taste of it, and what’s not to love about a drink that has one ingredient? I think soda is the worst thing ever created, and I have to watch the caffeine in tea, so I’m left with water. I can only take so much plain water. 

I always get a weird reaction when I mention it…”Wow…that’s fattening!” It’s not. That would be coconut milk. Totally different. Water is what you get when you crack open a coconut. It’s clear-ish, pretty low-cal (NO fat) and filled with potassium and all the stuff you need to replenish after a workout. Coconut milk is the fatty, milky, delicious stuff you get when you grate and press the oils, sugars, etc. from the meat of a coconut. Both are basic staples for life, if you ask me. Thanks for the coconuts, Mother Nature.

There are a lot of different brands doing coconut water now. I’m not sure why one would be any better than another, since they all just contain coconut water. I really dig ZICO, though, because they make a mango flavor which is just bangin’. (OK, so that one contains a little bit more than just coconut water…)

I think I’ll pick one up today and see if it helps at all. 


If there are any breastfeeding mommies out there that experienced headaches while nursing, I’d love to hear from you! Advice, please!

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