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Eco-friendly Skin Care Tips for Pregnancy and Beyond

I think I’m scaring the girls that sit near me at work. Every day it seems that a new pregnancy symptom is rearing its ugly head, from bleeding gums to popping joints, and I think they may be learning a little more than they wanted to know. Things happen that you would never expect, and pregnancy really does effect nearly every aspect of your life and body during those 40 weeks. Honestly, I find it all very fascinating…or most of it, at least.

I’m not loving these skin problems that won’t seem to go away this time around.

My skin has been a mess since around week 4 of this pregnancy. Years ago, before I thought much about what I put on my skin, I had some chemical peels done. I was told my cell turnover was slow, and I needed the peels to help get rid of the top layer and uncover the healthy skin beneath. They really did seem to work (I think?) but that’s not something I would ever do now, especially not with a baby to think about.

So, I’ve been on the lookout for ways to calm my skin at home, naturally, without breaking the bank. Continue reading


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