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This is my moment. {featuring NEW Gevalia K-Cups} #CupofKaffe

┬áLife is all about decisions. Decisions, change, challenges. They never seem to stop. And each decision I make seems to lead to more change, bigger challenges, and yet another decision to be made…

Like having children. I have never doubted that I wanted to become a mom. But now, I can no longer deny that I’m being faced with the decision as to whether I want to keep my job or not. The answer we’re leaning toward? Not.

I just can’t do the corporate rat race with a 130-mile per day commute, leaving me zero time to spend with those kids I wanted so badly. It’s NOT a sustainable way to live, so it’s time for a change. But that means challenges galore. Namely, our budget. But I can deal. I know big changes will need to happen, but I’m hoping I can make a lot of little ones, too.

Take my love of coffee, for instance. I live for the feel of a warm, hand-crafted coffeehouse drink in my hand. Alas, I’m going to have to break up with my barista. Those things ain’t cheap. But I have a new love! Once that saves me money without having to give up any of the quality of my beloved coffeehouse brew. It’s Gevalia, and it comes in new single serve K-cups. It’s by far the best single serve coffee I’ve ever had.

…and just look what you can do with it!

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