On Loving the Season You’re In.


Sometimes I feel really in sync with my kids. It doesn’t happen every day, but sometimes it’s like they really, really know that I need something and they just come through for me in a big way. Like today. Elliette slept all night last night, and then she took a long nap this afternoon while… [read more]

Wordless Wednesday: The last days of spring


Yard Art Projects: Composite Decking?


Even though our winter wasn’t too rough, spring still brings with it that feeling of being able to breathe again. As I stood in the sun today and watched my son fill his little wheelbarrow for the first time, I could barely contain myself. All kinds of gardening projects and outdoor art ideas ran through… [read more]

Wordless Wednesday: Early Spring


A hard day’s work always makes me feel a little bit taller.

Wordless Wednesday: Breaking Ground!

Picture 4

  No words. Just smiles. Spring is coming, and our brand new garden is about to come alive!