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On Weaning: Mothering Without the Breast

My son went to bed tonight with a headache. I know he’s really not feeling well because he fell asleep on the floor with his head resting on the pad we use to change his sister’s diapers. He didn’t have dinner or a popsicle. (He never skips a popsicle.)

He woke up briefly a few minutes ago. I can’t say I’m sorry, because I got to hear his little voice, know that he’s OK, and coax him back to sleep...without breastfeeding. Continue reading

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Preparing for a New Adventure: Tandem Nursing

Look what I got in the mail this week… I know, right? I never thought I’d need it. Especially with my kids spaced more than 3 years apart. I have to admit, the thought of nursing both of them – at the same time – is a little daunting. When I started nursing, I’d never even known a nursing mom, so I really am in uncharted territory with this whole thing. The only thing I know for sure is that I committed to a full-term run with my boy, and that run is still going pretty strong. Continue reading


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Wordless Wednesday: Full-Term #Breastfeeding


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Breastfeeding: If there’s one thing I know for sure…

Welcome to the Carnival of Weaning: Weaning – Your Stories

This post was written for inclusion in the Carnival of Weaning hosted by Code Name: Mama and Aha! Parenting. Our participants have shared stories, tips, and struggles about the end of the breastfeeding relationship.


Right from day one, I set goals for my breastfeeding journey. First, I just wanted to do it. Then, six months. Then I set my sights on a year. After that, my vision for the road ahead got kind of blurry. I figured I’d keep going as long as he wanted to. As the months went by, I continued to swell with pride and milk as my baby continued to nurse…and thrive. I looked at each day as a gift, and continued to nurse my baby.

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I will not bash a fellow mother today.



Yesterday, I had a crappy day at work. But that’s not why yesterday made me tired.

Yesterday was the day Time Magazine released their Attachment Parenting article. You know, the one with The Cover.

The cover depicted a quite lovely young woman nursing a quite mature-looking toddler, under the headline, “Are you mom enough?” You can see it here.

At first glance, the cover just pissed me off. I found it to be so obviously shocktastic, which, of course, sells magazines and creates a buzz (cha-ching!) But for those of us who fight the good fight every day in the face of people telling us how “disgusting” or “inappropriate” we are, it’s a buzz we don’t need.

So I spent my afternoon thinking about it. Continue reading


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