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My fruit salad is bringing sexy back.

Talk about busy…

The hubs and I have been hit with a lot of overtime at work lately. We’re officially in overtime regarding our new house, too. We were supposed to close almost 2 weeks ago, at the latest, and we’re still waiting. So things are packed up, and we’re trying to keep our current house in “showable” condition, which means not much cooking, not much grocery shopping, and not much sanity left for either of us. We’re in major “keep your eye on the prize” mode, just hoping to get through this without falling apart.

Needless to say, there’s not much going on in our house lately that qualifies as “sexy.” :|

Unless, of course, you count my fruit salad.

I mean, when you think about it, what could be sexier than an overflowing bowl of the summer’s finest fruits, fresh from the heart of Central PA’s farmer’s markets?

Juicy, sweet canary melons…

along with Crenshaw melon, ripe peaches, tangy pineapple…and some berries from our friends’ yard for color…

Taking an hour on a Sunday afternoon to cut up fruit – letting the juices drip down to my elbows and popping far too many pieces into my mouth – does wonders for my mental state. That time is like therapy for me, refocusing my mind on what’s really important on my priority list (it’s so easy to forget, sometimes.)

It makes me feel like a good mom knowing I’m not resorting to the temptation of convenience foods during this superbusy time in our lives (and I’m ensuring good, healthy milk for my son, too!) Plus, when I’m done, I have a fridge full of healthy, ready-to-go food for snacks, lunches and side dishes for the whole family, which saves me tons of time during the week.

…time I can devote to a little QT with my husband.

And if that ain’t sexy, I don’t know what is. ;)



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A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

Wow! This heatwave is killer!

It’s WAY too hot to cook….but it was certainly cool enough in my office today to eat all the freebie samples that popped up around every corner!

A coworker was testing a recipe for our team and asked my opinion. Oh sure, twist my arm... I happily obliged, of course. :)

Gala apples and feta cheese with rosemary, thyme and black pepper, served on a baguette round. 

The first one was so good, I ate it twice! 

The same coworker invited me to a sampling event in our cafeteria. Fun! I’m not one to say no to samples, especially when they are samples of specialty produce! I’m happy to work for a company that promotes healthy habits…

Flame raisins on the vine…yommy!

Lychees...I’m not such a fan of these. They feel too much like little eyeballs when they’re peeled…

Papaya? Papayum!

Sweet Kiss melon! Like a cantaloupe, only sweeter and not as cantaloupy. If only I’d had a thin slice of prosciutto. Mmmm…

And the most interesting guest at the party, Black Garlic! It’s fermented for a month, and has a sweeter flavor than regular garlic. They served it on a cracker with cream cheese. Definitely interesting, and a little mushroomy.


Oooooooh, Mommy!

Free food always makes for a fun day. It would have been even more fun if I’d been feeling better (queasy tummy.) Not sure what that’s about, because I’m very rarely sick. Heat, maybe?

I do have good news, though….my signal booster came today and I am TOTALLY hooked up! I wouldn’t say my speed is lightning fast, but it’s skipping along much faster than before. Good grief, you’d think it was 2005 around here! I’m hoping this means better posts going forward…

Stay cool, everyone!


Have you ever had black garlic? How do you use it?

What’s your favorite ‘odd’ fruit or veggie?


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Banana Soft-Serve Sundae Bar!

Yesterday was a SCORCHER! The high temps and humidity caused my dessert to wilt. :(

But I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway.

My brother and his girlfriend are in town from Ohio. He’s finishing up his doctoral dissertation at Ohio State (O! H!) and has quite the budding music career, so we don’t get to see them a whole lot. (If you choose to click on that link, you are doing so at your own risk. You have been warned…)

I was in charge of dessert, and since my bro and his crafty companion are always up for new and interesting foods, I decided to make Vegan Banana Soft Serve with a close-but-not-quite-vegan toppings bar! 

I made the biggest batch ever – 12 nanners. It came out perfectly smooth and ice-creamy, but then the heat got to it and it started to break down, so we had to eat it superfast!


I think everyone was surprised at the short ingredients list. :razz:

I asked the husbo to stop at the local farm stand on the way over to pick up some local berries. Boy, did he ever!

He brought these…

and these!

They were tiny and sweet, just like real berries should be.

Some toppings, which I coarsely chopped. 

Couldn’t forget the peanuts. Salted, of course, for that real “banana split” taste.

…and there you have it! Easy as pie. Actually, much easier than pie.

Healthy Banana split-ish desserts, perfect on a hot summer day. And I didn’t even feel bad when I went back for seconds. ;)

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the ‘rents. Since they are the ones who inspired my veggie love so many years ago when I was just a wee pea, I’d like to share a few pics of their garden…

I’m off to my husband’s family reunion for the day. I’m not sure what I’m bringing yet, which is really unlike me. I usually have those things figured out weeks in advance after flipping through cookbooks for hours. But this is my first year with the baby, so I think I get a pass, right? :lol:

Have a HAPPY Sunday Sundae, everyone!


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Product Review: Fruit 2 Day

This morning: slept until 7 (!) , went for a 3 mile run with my favorite boy, and then chowed on this Van’s waffle topped with almond butter, half a nanner, cinnamon, a few cranberries and just the tiniest drizzle of honey. Doesn’t it look a little bit like a sundae? 

It totally hit the spot and kept me full all morning. I LOVE breakfasts like that. I wasn’t even tempted to snack.

…and then, a new milestone! I left the room for two minutes and came back to find this big boy sitting staight up all by himself…

Dude…this first year is zooooming by!

We’re going to visit some friends tonight, so dinner has to be early. Like 3 pm early. Not sure how that’s going to work out, but I needed some to tortillas, so here I sit at the grocery store Wifi cafe. The perfect opportunity to check out a product I’ve been eyeing. I’ll warn you…I’m pretty skeptical.

Have you tried Fruit 2 Day? I grabbed a two pack of the Mango Peach flavor at the grocery store today because I was feeling a little “smoothie” and these piqued my curiousity. These are marketing as a super-easy was to get 2 servings of fruit for only 120 calories. I don’t know about you, but I have trouble keeping myself from eating too many servings of fruit each day, so I don’t need a product to help me achieve my fruits and/or veggies quota. In fact, I had to stop myself from eating a peach with my waffle this morning, because I knew I already had a fruit on there. 

I would actually go so far as to say that I am slightly offended by the commercials I’ve seen for this product. The one that gets me the most is the one with a woman sitting in an office, at her desk, trying unsuccessfully to eat a peach. The message is clear: fruit is just too darned messy and hard to eat, so give it up and just buy Fruit 2 Day. I see what all you bloggers eat every day, and I think you all do pretty well with handling your fruit. No ruined shirts, no sticky desks…not that you’ve shared anyway. 

Maybe I’m out of touch with reality. Is this a problem people really struggle with? Is fruit so difficult to eat that we have to package it in a bottle for them so they don’t get it all over themselves? I’m thinking this is really unfortunate marketing, especially considering kids might actually believe it. Why not just advertise this based on taste and fruit content without giving kids in an obese country just another excuse not to eat fruit?

I can just hear it, “Mom, I can’t eat that piece of melon. It’s too HARD.” If I ever hear that…man, I don’t know what I’ll do.

Ingredients: white grape juice from concentrate, mango puree, peach pieces, orange juice from concentrate, pineapple puree and pieces, acerola cherry juice from concentrate, lemon juice from concentrate, pear pieces, carrot juice from concentrate, natural flavor. (The list on some of the other varieties disturbed me. The strawberry orange flavor contained bananas, which is great until someone with a severe banana allergy buys it–like my mom–not realizing they use banana as a thickener.)

This thing was just weird. Not like a smoothie at all, but really sweet and very chunky. Like one of those kids’ diced peach fruit cups, sort of. I had to chew it, but the whole thing was gone in no time, leaving me with a plastic bottle. :x

Is it a drink? Is it a snack?  I guess that should make me feel like I’ve eaten some fruit, but I think the satiety factor with this stuff is zero. 

All in all, it tasted OK, but that’s not really the point. I have an issue with the whole idea of this product, and a major problem with its marketing. I work in marketing, and I’d have raised a major fuss about this idea going out the door. 

My family…we’ll be sticking with real fruit, ‘cuz we’re just really cool and coordinated like that, and frankly, I don’t find eating fruit all that challenging.

And besides that, the fruit that nature gives us is beautiful. It’s one of life’s pleasures that can be easily overlooked in a throw-away, fast food society. We should all take the time to eat it and enjoy it, not slug it from a bottle.


Have you tried Fruit 2 Day? What are your thoughts? (On the product AND its marketing)


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That Healthy Me is one smart cookie…

So, I had bread on the brain yesterday…but not so much that I actually remembered to bring my bread with me to make a sandwich at lunchtime. 

 This time I did actually listen to Healthy Me and plan ahead, but forgetfulness won out. Happens a lot lately.

Lemon: I found myself with a can of Nature’s Promise tuna, a little hummus, and some spinach leaves, all the parts to a mean sandwich, except for the bread. (Along with a few leftover Low & Slow sweet potato slices on the side…)

Lemonade: Look how fancy I was with my spinach leaf wrap appetizers!

First on the agenda today: Classroom obervations. This time it’s K through 2nd Grade, so I figure I’ll be  hopping all morning. This calls for a substantial breakfast featuring the always reliable almond and bananalicious Overnight Oats, with a few blackberries for moral support.

Got caught in traffic on the way, Pennsylvania-style…

Don’t you just hate it when people don’t take their own advice? Well, that’s me today. I am constantly talking about the important of planning ahead and making sure healthy choices are on hand at all times, because it’s just really, really difficult to keep your eye on the prize when you’re hungry and crunched for time.

So I pull the brilliant move of leaving the house with no lunch and no snack. And I won’t be home until after 3pm. Healthy Me is totally going to kick Unhealthy Me’s arse if she finds out.

I like the fact that I get really uneasy now when I don’t know where, when or what I’ll be eating for the day. It tells me that I’ve made some permanent lifestyle changes. Yay for healthier lifelong habits!

Note to self: Even when you’re working nearly full-time, juggling projects, caring for a baby, and training for a new gig, it’s always worth getting up ten minutes earlier to ensure a healthy lunch. Especially while nursing. No excuses!


What do you do when you find yourself SOL at lunchtime? Do you have a favorite go-to lunch that fills the void when you don’t plan ahead? Let me know! I need ideas!

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