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A blog award for little ol’ me?

What fun!

Lisa @ Lisa’s Foods on the Move has gifted me with the Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award!

As a recipient, I am required to give up 10 little-known facts about ME! 

Here goes:

  1. I hold  a special place in my heart for comic books and superheroes, especially Wolverine and Spiderman. 
  2. As a child, nothing scared me more than Dr. Suess. Those books still give me the heebie jeebies. (But I did love Edgar Allan Poe. Go figure.)
  3. I am a chronic nail-biter, and I have 6 chipped teeth to show for it. I only managed to kick the habit about 3 years ago, but I still fall back into it once in a while. 
  4. I ROCK OUT to 80s New Wave music. (Erasure, New Order, Depeche Mode, etc.) Bring back the synthesizer! Ok, maybe not.
  5. I love, love, love to read and write poetry, especially modern feminist poetry. I have a very real fear that life will get in the way and I’ll forget all about it someday. 
  6. I like to drink whiskey and swear a lot. I didn’t say I do it a lot, I said I like it a lot.
  7. I changed my major a lot in college. First, I got certified in Travel and Tourism so I could be a flight attendant or travel agent. When I went back, I majored in Culinary Arts, then switched to Dietetics, and finally settled on English. Funny how they all seem to fit together now…
  8. I used to throw tomahawks with my Dad, and I’d love to brush up those skills again.
  9. I love dark, somber movies, and I generally do not like comedies. Every time I tell someone that, I realize that it is not something you hear often…”I don’t like comedies.”
  10. I married my first love 17 years after we broke up the first time. During that time, we never even spoke or crossed paths! 

Well, there you have it. That’s me, or at least a little bit of me. Surprised by anything?

Thanks again, Lisa! I’m humbled and honored :D

Now, to fulfill the other requirements of the award, I’d like to pass it along to some of my favorite bloggers!

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The lovely Salty Tooth

Kelsey, The Snacking Squirrel

Fellow PA girl, Newlywed, Newly Veg

Congratulations, all! You are talented and inspirational ladies, and you challenge me to be my best every day!


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