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From Knocked Up to Knock Out with Erica Ziel’s After Baby Workout


My kids really are my motivation for everything these days…they’re the reason I get up in the morning, the reason I smile, the reason I work so hard every day at establishing a new business.

They’re also the reason I have a flabby belly AND the reason I CAN’T GET ANYTHING DONE!

OK, sorry…#endrant. But seriously, It’s flippin’ hard to even brush my hair these days, and you want me to exercise? Ok, I know…YOU don’t care if I exercise. It’s ME that wants me to exercise. ┬áBut this is real life with real kids that don’t just go away when I want to go for a run…so there are some days, when I don’t have any help, that I just have to bag it and skip the workout.

Until now! Erica Ziel, I owe you one, lady. First you bring us the effective and encouraging prenatal Knocked Up Fitness DVDs, and now there’s a postpartum set, too! Woohoo! I liked the first ones, so I knew I’d like these, too. Continue reading


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