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I Heart Tomatoes

What do you do when there is a luncheon at work, and nobody wants the leftover salsa? Why, you take it, of course. And then you EAT IT!

But when you have no chips, you’ve gotta get crafty….

I’m really digging this Food for Life bread. It has sprouted grains, you know.

Oh yeah, I have some of that Yucatan Avo-hummus in the fridge… Who knew I’d find so many ways to use that stuff? It’s so huggable!

This was such a good snack that I had 2 and it turned into lunch!

Later, I was feeling a bit poached-salmony, and I thought that would be good topped with fresh salsa. Turns out I was right. As usual, I had lots of garden spinach to use up, along with more local strawberries. I threw them together with an orange (see my first attempt at orange supremes below), a little feta, some walnuts and my fork! I was very smiley while eating this… :D

I hope Finn is smiley, too. They say the flavors of your food influence the flavor of your breastmilk, and that a varied diet can influence your child’s palate throughout life. Neat, eh?

Oh, and a little sidenote: Why haven’t I been making my own salad dressing? Duh. This one was lemon olive oil, rice wine vinegar, honey, Dijon mustard and oregano. A few good whisks, and it was better than any store-bought bottle. Hello!?

What’s the use of talking about food if you’re not going to mention the best beverage on the planet

I mean that. Best. Drink. Ever. Period.

I want to work for Sweet Leaf. I wonder if they have a position, like, say…Tea Drinker?

Granny wisdom for today?

Yeah, I don’t know about that. I love shoes and expensive ingredients, and money sure can buy those!

My favorite Sweet Leaf Grannyism to date? Life is a Garden. Dig it.

Wait…where do you think you’re going? My salsa might be gone, but my tomato bender isn’t over quite yet. 

If I could actually be a tomato, this is the one I’d be. Isn’t it pretty? Forget the flowers…I want a bouquet of these!

Today we’re heading out to the annual Blues Fest at the Spyglass Ridge Winery!  This is one event that we really look forward to every year, I just hope it doesn’t rain too much. No wine for mama this time, but I’ll have a blast anyway, because this is the first year that WE are THREE!

Ta ta for now!


I also like to stuff a baked potato with salsa. What do you do with salsa when you find yourself chip-less?


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Cherry Alley Cafe – Finally!

Saturday afternoon was the best! Get this….Finn and I both napped for an hour and a half! 

I feel like a half a million bucks! ;)

Around 5pm, the husbo and I decided we were really hungry after a hard afternoon of planting (he) and napping (she and little he) so we FINALLY had our long-awaited dinner date at the Cherry Alley Cafe in Lewisburg.

You might remember that we tried to go last week, but found it closed. Then, after my training session, I stopped in to get a wrap (I spoiled it a little, but it was still fun to go again, together.) 

We had been to the Cherry Alley before to see local friend Bruce Derr play some tunes, but had never eaten there and were dying for something new. I mean, the place featured a Momelette on Mother’s Day. That cuteness is reason enough to check it out…

The worst part of having never eaten somewhere before is trying to decide what to order off the FAB (yet simple) menu of as-yet-untried goodies ! Everything looked right up our alley (no pun intended…) 

That’s us: FAB, yet simple.

Drinks: Me: Mango Passionfruit Stash Tea, He: Spiced Honey Chai

He: Pesto Chicken Panini

She: Pulled Pork  BBQ Wrap with lettuce, tomato, apple, mango and black bean salsa. And one very intrusive and camera-hogging (yet tasty) pickle. Shane looked at me like I had two heads when I ordered this. I thought about it during dinner, and I don’t think I’ve ever ordered pork in a restaurant before in my entire life. I don’t even cook it at home very often. I usually go the veggie route, maybe chicken once in a while….but while nursing, I listen when my body screams for protein and tonight it was screaming “PORK BBQ!” Especially once I realized there was fruit in the wrap…

Most brilliant move ever: we swapped halves! This might be the single best reason for getting married. We both totally dug both halves. Nothing but compliments to the chef. Since I’m a really picky eater when it comes to meat, I have to mention that this meat was superior. Nothing weird, nothing that shouldn’t be there. Just clean, well-cooked, well-seasoned pork and chicken.

We also got this bowl of Vegetarian Chili. Soup and sandwich seemed like a good idea, until we saw it. It was gargantuan, so we took it home. (Those too-big eyes of mine…)

Rewind a few days, and here’s the wrap I picked up while sleepwalking last week (just for the sake of catching up and providing a more complete review…)

Thai tempeh cake, lettuce, tomato, carrot, sprouts, apples, and spicy mango sauce. Awe. Some.

…and the cookie that never disappoints, vegan espresso chocolate chip. Awe. Some. Er.

To top it all off, the place sells Orangina, a childhood favorite of mine. I will never stop loving that adorable bottle. And with a flute and guitar duo playing The Girl from Ipanema, Finn was distracted enough to let us eat! 

Isn’t it just the best feeling to find a new local treasure? New to us, anyway. (This place is not new, of course…we just missed the boat for a while.) Our bad for not popping in sooner to check things out. I’m just sorry we didn’t catch the different ethnic foods they were featuring on Saturdays through the spring (but we’ll check them out when they return in the fall…)

Two thumbs up for good food AND keeping our money in the local flow.


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