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Celebrating Earth Day with Bamboobies: Review and Giveaway {Ends 5/10}

I have a riddle for you!

What’s shaped like a heart and fabulous enough that I keep it close to my heart all day, every day?

Yup! You got it! These days, I’m never found without my BAMBOOBIES! 

Do you know about Bamboobies? They are, without a doubt, the best washable nursing pads on the market. Besides being a single-use product that ends up in the garbage, disposable pads are filled with a nasty gel (like disposable diapers) that bursts out when it gets too full. One night, I found it on my skin and my son nearly ingested it. From that day forward, I have only used washable fabric pads. I have tried so many, and mark my words: I will never use another brand. My heart belongs to Bamboobies! Continue reading


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Spring Fever Event: Green Your Lunch Giveaway

Welcome to the Spring Fever Event! (Made possible by our hostess Shell over at {Not Quite} Susie Homemaker.)

From now until April 21st, I’m teaming up with over 35 other blogs to bring you the best in spring-themed prize packages. Since we’re celebrating Earth Month right now, my prize package is here to help you go a little greener! :)

Getting rid of plastic is no easy task, so I’ve found that it helps to do it in stages. Pick one thing, replace it with a more eco-friendly, non-toxic option, and then move on to the next.

Food storage is a great place to start. I can’t tell you how many of those horrid little plastic containers I used to have. The lids never matched up, they always got yucky stains, and I just hated them. When I found out that they were probably leaching toxic chemicals into our food, I hated them even more. I mean, who wants to spend tons of time and money making sure their food is as healthy as can be, only to expose it to toxic plastics?! Not this mom.

That’s when glass and stainless steel entered the picture.

While glass is great for microwaving, I really love stainless steel for packing lunches, and lately I’ve been using the Three-in-One lunch set from EcoLunchbox. It’s perfect for both kids and adults.

Pack it up bento-box-style, or send along a sandwich. Either way, your food will stay fresh and safe, surrounded by nothing but stainless steel. No chemicals to leach, no plastic to stain, no unnecessary waste to throw away.  The latches hold the bottom two containers tightly together (and they’re kid-friendly, so no worries about whether little hands will be able to access their lunch) and the third container is great for snacks, sides or dips.

Now these containers do not have rubber or plastic seals, so it’s important to note that they can leak. I’d definitely use them for dips, yogurt or applesauce, but maybe not soup or anything with actual liquid in it.

I’ve been using my EcoLunchbox to carry my lunch to the office, and it’s so convenient. I love that it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the office fridge, because space is always at a premium in there. It’s perfectly sized for the appropriate portions so there’s no wasted space, and it’s easy to clean.

What more can you ask for? Form, function, and friendly to both you and our friend, Earth. Love that. :)

Next, I want one of these, also available from EcoLunchbox. Who ever said lunch couldn’t be stylish? ;)

So, as I said above, my prize package contains everything you need for a “greener” lunch. But, since I’m all about instilling healthier, crunchier habits in our little ones as well, I’ve made this prize package all about them! Of course,  the EcoLunchbox is great for moms and dads, but this package also includes the following:

One lucky winner will receive a “Green Your Lunch” prize package valued at over $50!

  • One ECOLunchbox Three-in-One Set (MSRV $24.00)
  • One Kid Basix Safe Sippy 2 in orange (MSRV $14.95)
  • One set of SugarBooger reusable tableware (fork and spoon set) in Outerspace (MSRV $8.50)
  • One box of Strawberry and Peanut Butter Jammy Sammy from Revolution Foods (MSRV $3.99)

Many thanks to EcoLunchbox for sponsoring this fun event, and for offering exclusive savings just for ABCGP readers! Go check out all the great items they have to offer at EcoLunchboxes.com and use code ECOabc15 to save 15% on all purchases until May 1, 2012!

Enter to win the prize package above using the easy Rafflecopter below, then visit all the other fantastic blogs on the linky! Each blog is featuring a great giveaway valued at $50 or more. Happy hopping! :)

Continue reading


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An Earth Day Wish for You…

Last year, as my husband cut up old cardboard boxes to line the paths between our raised garden beds, I found this in our yard.

It stuck with me, and I’ve loved this photo ever since. I’m not sure why. But today, it’s the inspiration for my Earth Day wish for you. 

In honor of Earth Day, I wish you a long life full of all things beautiful, natural and pure, and good health so that you may enjoy them to the fullest. I wish you nourishment for your mind, body and soul, a peaceful spirit and fruitful labor. I wish you the strength and determination to stand by the things you believe in, even when you stand alone, and I wish you the wonderful feeling of pride that comes with every small step toward a better world.  I wish this, and much more, for your children, and their children.

And, as the photo says, I wish you an abundance of fresh thought – because there is nothing more important to the future of our planet than fresh thought. 

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Love your Mother! :D


How are you celebrating Earth Day? I’d love to know what this day means to you.


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Happy Earth Day!

Ok, so it’s not really Earth Day anymore, but it’s still Earth Week! Yay for Earth Week!

Why is it that everyone I know had to work on Earth Day? For what it’s worth, I really think this day should rank right up there with the paid holidays. Shouldn’t everyone be out celebrating this great planet, or volunteering their time to help it? I think yes.

Talk about your feel-good moments! I was thrilled that my day off just happened to fall on Thursday, so I could spend the day celebrating with Finn. Since we try to live consciously and take care of the Earth where we can every day, our day wasn’t really that far out of the ordinary…but we (I) did try to spend the day reflecting on the importance of Earth Day, how I’m going to teach Finn to respect it, and why we do what we do even when it sometimes makes our lives a little harder.

In the morning, we went for a 3-mile walk in preparation for this Saturday’s Race Against Racism 5K in Harrisburg. To think I used to be a regular spin devotee! I think those classes would kill me now, but I’m getting back in shape little by little. It was a stellar morning, and we barely saw a single car!

I let my hair air-dry, which I’ve been trying to do on my days off and any other time I can get away with it. 

Dried all my laundry outside in the breeze. I’m not sure why doing laundry makes me so happy, but it really does.

While dinner was cooking, we took some time to walk around the yard and let Finn feel all the leaves, plants and flowers. We try to do this every day, so he can feel lots of textures that aren’t plastic.

I prepared a quick vegan meal in honor of the occasion: baked yams stuffed with spicy tomatoes, black beans, garlic and onions. I wish I had planned ahead to cook the yams over a fire, but we had to settle for the oven.

 I added a little bit of extra cumin to up the smoky flavor, which complemented the sweetness of the yam. Although a bit overbaked (a little too much time looking at the plants, I guess), the whole thing turned out well, but very orange. I think it needed a little something else–maybe something green. Note to self for next time…




Not a great pic, I know. But it was yummy and healthy!


All in all, our Earth Day was pretty much the same as every other day, and that makes me happy. I’m proud of the changes my family has made over the past several years as well as the ones we plan to make, and I’m super proud to be living consciously and raising my son to do the same. 

And, courtesy of the fine folks at Earth’s Best, here’s a little eCard for you! 

Let’s make every day Earth Day!


How did you celebrate Earth Day?

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