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TwirlyGirl: dresses as unique as your little girl

This post was inspired by TwirlyGirl baby girl dresses, who supplied us with a lovely dress to feature. Visit TwirlyGirlShop.com to check out their entire collection of fun and funky fashion for girls.


In one short week, my baby girl will be 11 months old. While a small part of me wants to sit in the corner and weep, a bigger part is having a blast watching her little personality unfold. We had an unusually sunny day last week, and as I watched her – decked out in her groovy dress, sporting a brand new shiner and trying to break out the front door to get to the sunshine – I caught a glimpse of the toddler my baby is turning into.


…and I love it. Black eye and all.

Because as wonderful as it is when babies perch on your shoulder, cupped in the palm of your hand, rooting and purring and smelling like heaven on Earth, those days are so fleeting. To hold on too tight is like trying to catch vapor as it disappears. All you can do is love the moment and try to breathe it in as much as you can. Then, sit back and watch them go!


And “go” really is the word of the day around here right now. Our Little Miss took her first steps on Christmas Eve. Much to her delight, she’s learned to click her tongue (constantly) and belly laughs are coming faster and more frequently for no reason at all.  It’s just a magical time of happiness and light. That’s why her new dress from TwirlyGirl fits her personality so well. It’s flowy and free, a little mismatchy (but only in the very best way), and she lights up the moment she puts it on. Even at less than a year old, she knows fun colors and prints when she sees them!

As the one who does the laundry in our house, I’m glad it washes so easily and doesn’t wrinkle because it’s becoming one of our favorite everyday play dresses. Once she gets the twirl down, I have a feeling she’ll never take it off!


TwirlyGirl is a mom-owned company, and all of their dresses for girls are made by hand in Los Angeles. Those are great perks, but what I like even more is the company’s philosophy about little girls’ fashion. They promote color and confidence and fun without encouraging our little ladies to grow up too quickly. The cuts are age-appropriate and encourage twirling (as opposed to, say, twerking, like some of the stuff I’ve seen on the racks lately.)

Plus, they’re reversible! Buy one dress, and you’re really getting two (along with a pair of bloomers)! Can you believe this is the reverse of the dress shown above?


The beauty also lies in the details, like this sweet little tie in the back:


These baby girl dresses scream unique, and that’s exactly what I want for my one-of-a-kind little firecracker. But don’t we all? To check out the entire collection of TwirlyGirl dresses and accessories, including Reversible Twirly Ruffle Skirts and a “design your own dress” option, learn more here.

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Hartstrings.com: Suiting up for Spring #MyHartstrings

See this smile on my face? :D Spring has officially sprouted!

I think that calls for a new outfit for my little man! Nothing too formal, just something crisp and new for Easter dinner and our spring egg hunt. I’ve had it up to here with buying kids’ clothes based on low price only to have them fade, shrink, and fall apart, so I turned to a new online shopping site to see if I could find some clothes that would truly be worth their price.

www.Hartstrings.com has a newly revamped website that’s really easy to navigate. I saw lots of dresses and cute girl things at first, but then quickly realized that I had to click on the Kitestrings tab in order to view all the little boys’ clothing collections. (Sidenote: I noticed they also carry brands like Puma and Timberland, which I totally bypassed. I much prefer the classic style of the Hartstrings and Kitestrings brands.) I was immediately drawn to the Sand Dunes collection, which reminded me of my childhood (I’m originally a Long Island girl, so it only took this one photo (below) to bring back memories of running on the beach as a little girl. :) )

In deciding on a spring outfit for my son, I wanted to make sure I chose something that would get a lot of wear. Sure, a more formal outfit would be really cute, but it would probably get worn once and then sit. If I’m going to spend any real money on toddler clothes, they have to be versatile enough to mix and match for maximum wear. So, we chose the striped polo shirt, above, and a cool pair of chino shorts that I knew could be dressed up or down as needed.

I had to stop myself at one outfit this time, but I found a few other things that are now on my Kitestrings “Wishlist.” How cute would this T-shirt be with the same shorts?! And I love these shoes for fall…

When our shipment arrived just a few days after ordering, I was a little worried when I took the shorts out of the bag. My son is on the skinny side, and he was swimming in the size 2T I ordered. That is, until I noticed the adjustable waistband tabs! LOVE that! I guess I didn’t notice that detail in the description. Once I adjusted them to fit, they were just fine and I’m even happier with my purchase now knowing that they will fit through this summer and the next.

The shirt is a 3T (a little big, but ordered with long-term wear in mind.) Just like the shorts, the quality is just what I had hoped for. The fabrics feel soft yet sturdy, they’re cut to fit really well, and it’s clear that these clothes were made to last.

Doesn’t he look like such a grown-up little man in his new spring outfit!? He was so proud of himself, I could hardly tear him away from the mirror.


Oh, and P.S….I couldn’t help but browse through the little girls’ things while I was shopping. I’m a sucker for cute little dresses! (Hartstrings even features coordinating brother/sister outfits!) I really hope someday I get the chance to shop for my own little girl, but until then, I’ll just daydream about these. Aren’t they adorable? I would think that dresses like this would be so cool, comfy and easy for a sunny spring day!

Like what you see from #MyHartstrings? Follow them on Twitter and Facebook! And be sure to sign up for their email list so you receive news and discounts. I was able to save 10% on my first order just by signing up!


Do you buy formal Easter/Spring outfits for your kids? Is long-term wear important to you when buying kids’ clothing? What do you think of Hartstrings.com clothing? I’d love to hear from you!

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. All opinions expressed are my own. I purchased all items reviewed above, and did not receive them as product samples.

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