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Two New Announcements from Doc McStuffins #DisneyJunior

We all love Doc, right? But why? Because she’s fun and cute and friendly, but also because she promotes health, wellness, fitness and nutrition to our kids! Well, you’ll be happy to hear that Doc will be back for another season starting Friday, September 6th! 

Doc McStuffins Debuts in the Disney Junior Appisode App


When I was a new mom, I worried about things like television and technology. I wondered: How much do I allow? Will my kid become an obsessed couch potato? Now I know better. My son has so much energy, he barely ever even sits on that couch, and he’ll choose the great outdoors over TV… [read more]

Disney Junior Launches New Doc McStuffins App!


I had to go to the doctor today, and I had no choice but to take both kids with me. I was a little worried about my son’s “poor behavior-itis” so I agreed to let him get a new app on my phone to keep him busy while we were there. The timing was perfect,… [read more]

All-new Doc McStuffins (Vote for your favorite character!)


 There are a lot of TV characters we simply don’t allow into our home. (Swiss-cheese looking undersea dude, you know who you are…) But Doc McStuffins isn’t one of them! We LOVE Doc! We love all of her friends, too. But which one is our favorite? Wow… it’s hard to choose between Hallie, Lambie, Stuffy and… [read more]