The Jungle Book Diamond Edition: Now available! (and Printable Activities)


Cabin fever STILL in effect? Fear not – Today is the day that THE JUNGLE BOOK DIAMOND EDITION comes out on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital. Once you grab a copy, keep the Disney fun going with printable activities, like a “Bare Necessities” quiz, character fun facts, “spot the difference” and more! Just click the image below to get them…

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Exclusive Trailer: Delivery Man {Starring Vince Vaughn} #DeliveryManMovie


I’m not a huge fan of comedies.  I usually get a funny look when I say that, but funny for the sake of funny doesn’t do much for me. There’s got to be a story, too. So when I was asked to help promote the new movie Delivery Man, starring Vince Vaughn, my first question…

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Disney, I owe you one.


Dear Disney, On behalf of moms, wives and girlfriends everywhere, I thank you. Because I will be asked to watch these movies. And when I act like I’m doing my husband a favor by sitting through them, I’ll be earning points to cash in later. Little does he know… #swoon #leadingmen Thanks for providing exciting entertainment…

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