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Spring Cleaning: Declutter and Save Money

I was accused of nesting during the last weeks of my pregnancy. I’ve never really believed in the notion that women go into crazy cleaning mode as a precursor to childbirth, but who knows – maybe my body did know I was going to go early. Or maybe it was the impending spring weather that had me feeling the need to deep clean and organize. Either way, now that baby is here and the weather is warming up, the urge to tidy up and “nest” is even stronger than ever!

The problem I always have with getting rid of things is that it makes me feel wasteful. That’s why I like to find ways to turn the things I don’t need into a few bucks that can help me offset the cost of the things I do need.

Take the closet, for example. I won’t be having any more babies, so it’s time for the maternity collection to go. What I do need, on the other hand,  is a new office wardrobe. So, instead of donating everything I have to the local Goodwill, I’ll be selling my nicer pieces on eBay and taking the rest to a local consignment shop. Same goes for the kids’ clothes (my friend owns a local kids’ consignment shop, so I’ll be helping out a local business, too!) Continue reading


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