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Cloth Diaper Carnival VIII: Where’s the Awareness?

This post is part of Cloth Diapering Bloggers’ and Dirty Diaper Laundry’s Cloth Diaper Carnival VIII: Cloth Diaper Awareness.  Please visit the other bloggers participating by following the links at the end of this post. 

I’ve been cloth diapering for nearly 5 months now, and it’s truly been one whopper of an eye-opening learning experience!
I’ve learned a ton about diaper companies, different fabrics, laundry methods, and how to twist and dump a poop with pretty good precision, if I do say so myself. But I’ve learned a lot of other things, too. Like how gratifying it is to make such a positive decision for my family and my baby, and how I shouldn’t doubt my abilities because when I put my mind to something, I CAN accomplish it, even if I don’t know what I’m doing at first. 
Perhaps the biggest thing I’ve learned is that I am not alone, in cloth diapering or any other parenting issue, because beyond my family, I have a huge community of like-minded, supportive, experienced mommies out there who are willing to go above and beyond to help me succeed. I am honored to join you all!
But, despite all I’ve learned, I still have questions: Why don’t I know another cloth diapering mom? Why have I not EVER seen another baby in a cloth diaper? Sure, they are online, but where are the fluff lovers in my community? I find box after box of yicky disposables in every store, and I see them in shopping cart after shopping cart, but the closest I’ve seen to cloth is a random pack of Gerber prefolds at Wal-Mart. Um, not exactly what I’m looking for…

I’ve tried to spread the word, but most women I know aren’t biting. I’ve told friends and coworkers how easy cloth is, and how I actually enjoy doing my son’s diaper laundry because it’s just one more way of caring for him in the best way I can. (Most just roll their eyes at me.)  The problem is that I don’t know where to find the new mommies who would be open to the idea of cloth, the ones who have questions or don’t know where to start, or even the ones who have never even heard of a pocket or an AIO and have no idea what the world of modern cloth diapers has to offer them.
 A free pocket diaper is what snagged me, but getting a free diaper put into all those (useless) bags you get from the doctor or hospital might be just a tad costly. Soooo….today’s carnival topic got my stream of consciousness flowing…I’m here, and I’m ready to talk, help, encourage. But how?

Maybe, I print up business cards that say just that. “I’m Wendy. I don’t sell cloth diapers, but I use them, and you can, too. Call me and we can talk about how easy it is.”
And maybe, they should include facts that people need to know. Like “The disposable diapers you use today will still be in a landfill in 500 years.” or “Cloth Diapers are the best choice for your baby’s health, and our environment.” or “Do you want dioxin on your baby’s bum? Consider cloth!”
I could hand these cards to the folks I see buying disposables. Ok, that might be just a little too forward…. Maybe, I could just leave them all over town! The diaper aisle at Target, community bulletin boards, coffee shops, OBGYN’s offices, the WIC offices… what if we could convince people on the inside to join us? It’s for the babies, after all!

Or, I could leave strategically placed sticky notes, Operation Beautiful style, in places where I know mommies go. But I wouldn’t want my phone number all over town… so maybe I could include a website? If there is, in fact, one definitive website on the topic, maybe they’d be willing to supply such notes?
Or, maybe we CD mommas start a covert website where we plan our world takeover!  A website that could spark a whole movement… The “Cloth Diaper Brigade,” “Mommies for Cloth” or whatever we called ourselves could enlighten millions if we joined forces and kept all the details on when, where and how to learn about cloth on a tidy little card in our purses or diaper bags, ready to hand out at a moment’s notice, or casually drop in just the right place… (like the little hole/handle on the side of a big box of sposies… oooh, sneaky! :twisted: )
But what else? T-shirts? Maybe an ad in the paper? A sign in my yard? A bumper sticker on my car? A tattoo! Ok, so maybe my ideas are a little on the silly side. I’m not sure what the answer is, but I sure look forward to hearing all the other ideas generated by the carnival, and if anyone needs my help, I’m in!
One thing is for sure: The word is out on the ‘net, but it is not out in my local community, so I’m choosing to lead by example, and hope that I inspire someone once in a while (I have had 2 people ask me for recommendations for friends…so it is working, albeit slowly.) Big advertising a la Pampers and Huggies might sound good, but if it can’t happen for the smaller cloth companies, a grassroots movement should not be underestimated. (Nor should Daddies! Convince them that cloth will save money, then send them out to tell everyone! My husband is ON it!)

For now, the best tools I have are a friendly voice and a willingness to share with anyone who wants to listen…(and a smiley baby wearing some super cute fluff doesn’t hurt, either!!)

In the spirit of sharing and helping new CD mommies out there, I’d like to share what’s in my stash, just in case you might have any questions about the brands/styles/products listed below. It’s been quite a while since I posted a cloth diaper update, so here’s the scoop on the latest poop-catchers in the ABCGP household!
Every diaper change is a mix-and-match experiment using the following. (I’m not listing products we’ve sold off or aren’t using.) These are the ones that are working for us:
  • 7 Fuzzibunz OS Pocket Diapers
  • One Marvels by Kissaluvs OS
  • One BumGenius 4.0 OS with Hook & Loop closures
  • One Kawaii Minky OS Pocket
  • One Kawaii Minky Bamboo OS Pocket
  • One Flip cover 
  • One Imse Vimse cover 
  • 3 GroBaby OS shells
  • 6 extra GroBaby soakers
  • One Ecobumz OS pocket
  • One handmade diaper cover from ClothBaby.org – (The softest one we have, and so cute! See, the bum says it all…)
  • 8 organic cotton prefolds
  • 6 gCloth inserts
  • a few packs of biodegradable gLiners
  • 3 extra BumGenius microfiber inserts
  • one Knickernappies SuperDo
  • 3 bags Lulu’s in the Fluff detergent
  • One shaker of Lulu’s pail sprinkles in Dimpled Booty
  • One lidded garbage pail

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the diapers I’ve been using. I’m no expert, but I’m happy to help where I can!

As for the future of cloth in our house, I’m considering venturing into the land of fitteds instead of relying solely on pockets. If you have any advice or suggestions, please share! I need to get the kinks worked out in case we are lucky enough to find ourselves expecting #2!

Thanks, and happy diapering everyone!

Click here to enter your link and view the entire list of entered links! Read, read, read, and be inspired!


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Cloth Diaper Update: Marvels by Kissaluvs

I feel like it’s been forever since my last cloth diaper update!

We’re plugging right along, and I’m still committed to the cloth. It’s so much fun, and there are just SO many adorable diapers out there! I look at new diapers the way I used to look at new handbags! :lol:

It’s so funny to see the reactions I get when I mention it! Here are a few I’ve heard…

“Oh, you’re doing things the old-fashioned way?”

“Ew! What do you do with the…you knowpoop?”

“Not me. I don’t have time for that.”

“Must be nice to have that kind of time.”

Um, yeah. I switched to cloth because I didn’t have enough to do. :roll:

Anyway, in my last update, I was all about the Fuzzibunz. I just love them. They are soft, they fit well, and we’ve now used them for several full nights of sleep (which means about 8 hours in my house) with not a leak in sight. I figure, if it ain’t broke, why fix it, right?

Well, because Kelly’s Closet still has coupon codes for free diapers. :D

Is there anything more fun than this at the end of a hard day?

OK, maybe there is, but this is still pretty fun.

So, inside were my 2 new Fuzzibunz, and my surprise Marvels All-in-One One-Size Diaper from Kissaluvs, in a very appropriate blue! (Although I am really not a blue=boy believer. We’re trying to build a collection of all the brighter colors.) 

Hmmm…Kissaluvs. Heard of ‘em, but I didn’t know much. I felt the material…nice and soft. I saw lots of snaps…nice. I noticed these were blue snaps that blended in nicely. The outer layer is 100% PUL, with the inner layer and soaker made of 100% polyester.
I was surprised to see that this new diaper did not come with an extra soaker. Most of the OS diapers I’ve seen seem to come with 2: one smaller and one larger, since the point is to use them on your baby from birth to potty training. But then I looked closer and noticed something different about my new Marvel’s soaker…it’s attached to the diaper! I guess this is so you don’t have to stuff it, or go searching through your laundry pile to match up soakers with the pockets they belong in. I honestly don’t mind stuffing my FB, so this didn’t seem like a necessary feature to me, but I am thinking it might be really convenient if you have a lot of different styles of fluff in your stash, and all your soakers, stuffers and inserts are a little different. Then, it could save you some serious time.

But does it get as clean as the diapers with removable inserts? Yes! And you know why? Because the diaper turns itself inside-out in the washer, so the soaker and the outer cover both get a thorough wash! Really, it works. I don’t know how, but every time I wash mine, it’s inside out at the end of the cycle. Then I just pop it on the clothesline to dry (which does take just a tad longer than my FB, but not much), then I flip it back to outside-in and it’s ready to go! Pretty nifty, I must say.

For anyone who is annoyed by the pad-peek in the back of a FB, you’ll also find this little pocket flap that holds the soaker in…

…whereas the FB lets it pop out the back a little.

I have found, though, that the soaker seems just a bit too long for the diaper, so when I force the end into that flap so it doesn’t show, we get a very puffy bum. (Right at the top, by the waistband…see it?)

Considering how often my boy falls down on that bum, the puff may not be entirely bad…

Here is a side by side (blue Marvel and yellow Fuzzibunz) so you can see the different in width. I’ve heard from some that their FB leak because they are too narrow in the crotch, but I haven’t had a problem with leaks at all. If you do, you might want to try a Marvel, because they are a hair wider.

The elastic on the Marvel feels really strong, and it looks and feels sturdy and durable. That said, at this point, I’m liking the fit of the Fuzzibunz better (especially because they have a unique adjustable elastic system for a personalized leg fit). And I much prefer the tag location on the FB, not that the tag location really matters all that much. The tag on the Marvel just always reminds me of the way it looks when your tag on your t-shirt is sticking out. :razz:

I’m really happy to welcome this diaper into my stash.  Fit is a relative issue, but the functionality seems about equal for both of these diapers—I haven’t had a leak with either! Our new Marvel is serving us very well so far, and it’s in the regular rotation. I’m on the fence, though, for a few reasons:

  • The FB comes with an adjustable elastic system, a replacement elastic to extend the life of the diaper, and an extra soaker.
  • The FB are slightly lower in price, from what I’ve found (correct me on this if I’m wrong.)
  • The FB are available in 15 colors, while the Marvels only offer 6.
  • I really like the fit of the FB (but will it continue to fit that well as my boy grows and changes?)

But the Kissaluvs have the FB beat BY FAR in that they are made in the USA (fabrics, too) by a small, family-owned company that makes it their business to ensure a fair and pleasant work atmosphere. When you consider those points, an extra buck or two doesn’t seem like much (I’m definitely on a tight budget, but I like to feel good about where my dollars go.)  They even donate fabric scraps! Those things are pretty important in my book, so I may consider a few more of these, and I’d love to try some of the other products in the Kissaluvs family (milk pads!!)

Now, if I could just find a diaper that is as cute as my FB, and made like my Kissaluvs, only with natural materials, I’d be set! Until then, I’m pretty darn impressed with the stash I’m building so far. Who knew diapering could be this much fun?!


On a different note, as much as I’m liking my cloth, I’m having a slight issue with stinkies. I have a front loader, so I’m thinking lack of water might be the issue. I also have well water that has iron, and we have a softener system on it. I am waiting for a sample of Rockin’ Green to arrive so I can rock a soak and see if that works, but I’d love any advice you CD moms can give! I hear natural fibers don’t have this problem as much…

Oh, and if you have any diaper recommendations that you think will work for me, I’d be happy to listen! You mommies (and daddies-you too!) are, by far, my best resource!


In the market for some new fluff?  How about some Rumparooz? Head over to The Cloth Diaper Whisperer for the Fluff Friday 88 Giveaway! And if you’d like to try Rockin’ Green on your precious stash, head over to Breastfeeding Momma and enter the giveaway!


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Cloth Diapering Update: Back on the gWagon

Here it is, mamas….your cloth diapering update!

I have some unexpected news on the diaper front...we’re back in action with the little gPants! After some fit issues, red marks, chafing, and pushing the g’s to the back of the closet, I decided to give one of gDiapers’ very friendly and helpful “Diaper Therapists” a call. 

Well, wasn’t I surprised when I took her advice, adjusted the fit, and eliminated the problem! It seems the rise is different on the g’s than it is on a ‘sposie, and once I made sure the velcro and rise were in the right spot, the irritation doesn’t seem to happen anymore. It must move the snaps, which were the irritating offender, to a more comfy spot.

I’ve now been using the gDiapers for about a week (only when Little F is with me, though…Grammie and Dad haven’t switched over yet, but that’s coming soon…), and I haven’t found a leak yet! We even used them all day Sunday for our family reunion, with no problems. The first few days were with the biodegradable refill liners, which are great for on-the-go, and now….my boy is living the high life in pure luxury with gCloth!

As mentioned in my first cloth diapering post, I am committed to the idea of wrapping my son’s little bum in heavenly softness, and that’s exactly what I got when I purchased my first set of 6 gCloth inserts!

I want to wear these! Or sleep on them. Ok, not really, but I am super stoked about letting my son wear them. Who gets this excited about a diaper? I guess I do! I used my Babies R Us coupon to purchase a pack of these at 20% off (I actually had to take a day to drive an hour and a half, baby in tow, to get them, but I didn’t feel like waiting for the mail…).

You would have thought I’d gotten a new purse or a pair of shoes when I got home and ripped into the bag. What’s happenened to my life?

So, for those of you unfamiliar with the gDiapers, this is what they look like…a little pant with a nylon liner.

…and this is the cloth liner that you put into the nylon liner. (The cloth liner shown is new, not yet washed. They do shrink up a bit after washing.)

I was so excited to use the cloth inserts ASAP, but had to wait a few days as they need to be washed 8 times prior to use for full absorbency. :(  I do admit, I only washed mine 6 times before I caved in and used them, and they absorbed pretty darn well! Bonus: The hemp part of the liner keeps getting softer and softer the more you wash them. I haven’t had any issues with the “bunching up I’ve heard about, either. Sure, the insert bunched a little, but it didn’t effect absorbency at all.

Aren’t they just the cutest? I really want some blue ones, and maybe some green. Oh dear…

Here’s a pic of what they look like on a babe. This is from our first attempt, before Mommy got smart and called for help. (I think I had them a little high in the back…)

I had no idea that we’d have such success with the g’s, so last week I placed an order with Kelly’s Closet for some other liners. I’m pretty happy with the gCloth, but I plan to give the other brands a fair shot when I receive them. I’m especially excited to try the super overnight doubler I’m expecting…

If you’re wondering what I’m going to do with the Imse Vimse  and Flip covers I bought, along with the prefolds, I plan to use them! I’m not married to any one diaper yet, and I’m still curious to see what’s out there. Plus, we are having an issue with the velcro on our g’s, although gDiapers has offered to send me replacement velcro at no cost, so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt for now and hoping there are no other quality issues. If there are, I can’t say I won’t reconsider using them.

I did have the opportunity to use the other covers a few times, and they held the wetness in really well, but the prefolds I got are big and bulky so the fit is a little bit off. My boy’s also really, really wriggly right now and just wants to roll over and go during diaper changes, too, so folding the prefold and fitting the cover over it is really a struggle. The g’s are a little easier to fit and fasten right now, and I happen to have 4 of them already, so they will probably get the most use right now.

Convenience and budget are ruling the roost at the moment….

The Mission:

I had no reference point whatsoever when I first considered cloth, and trying to determine what to buy when you are on a budget (not to mention sleep-deprived) can be overwhelming. My goal is to provide a weekly post chronicling our Adventures in Cloth Diapering–my little way of contributing what I can to all the new moms out there who are looking to save money, help the planet, and treat their beloved babies to a more pleasant diapering experience. 

If you have any questions about any of the diapering products I mention on my post, please feel free to ask! I’m happy to give you any details I can! 

I hope it helps, even if just a little….and don’t hesitate to send tips and advice my way!


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For the Health of Boobs and Booties

I feel like my blog has been getting a little food-heavy lately.

As the lovely and always-inspiring Miss Katie at Health for the Whole Self would tell you, healthy living isn’t all about food. We make countless choices every day, both big and small, and they all impact where we fall on our own personal healthy scale. I try to look at every day as an opportunity to make new, informed healthy decisions not just regarding the food I eat, but also the way I live my life as a whole. It’s kind of selfish, actually, because knowing I made an educated decision that I can stand behind and be proud of gives me a nerdy kind of high that I can’t seem to find anywhere else :)


Because I believe it is in the best interest of my child and my family as a whole, I recently made the decision to switch to cloth diapers. Sure, there is a lot of info out there that “proves” that the cloth vs. disposable issue is, well, a non-issue, because what with the water, electricity, detergent, etc. required to wash cloth, it all works out the same. Yeah, I bought that fluff for a while. I also thought it was no big deal because I found really good prices on the disposables. But then I looked a little further into the ingredients used in disposables and that little voice in my head that I’d been ignoring spoke up, “NOW will you please listen to me and do what you KNOW is right?” So I listened, and I agreed, and I ordered a bunch of cloth diapers.

If the environmental issue wasn’t enough for me, what was, you ask? The turning point for me happened when I had to clean a bunch of weird little gel wads off my baby’s bum and other delicate parts.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today.

Today, I want to talk about the fact that the same weird gel is found in the breast pads I’ve been using. I honestly hadn’t thought that much about it until recently, when I realized that if I have a problem wrapping my little boy’s parts in plastic, then I should have the same problem with wrapping some of my parts in plastic, too. 

You see, when a diaper gets really full, the absorbent gel inside expands and little pieces of it fall out and often have to be wiped off a baby’s booty. They are easily missed, but if you look closely, they’re there. The same thing happens with breast pads. But the really disturbing part is that this gel winds up on the same part of your breast that goes into your baby’s mouth. And I don’t know one woman who regularly washes her breast before nursing, especially not in the middle of the night when these things are most likely to be full.

No, thank you.


So, after much back and forth (like I do, almost obsessively, with everything), and weighing out all the issues…cost, convenience, comfort, environmental impact, etc., I’m going to give cloth my all, both for my baby and for myself. I’m sure I’ll be challenged on the diaper side of that decision, but that’s nothing new. All other considerations aside, I feel better about cotton, hemp or bamboo next to our skin than some weird, toxic, outer-space-looking material that is stuffed with chemicals to make it smell like “baby.” (What is that all about, anyway? Smells like a yucky chemical cover-up to me.) 

Final verdict: Cloth is just plain better for our health. (Bonus: While cloth diapers are pricey, cloth breast pads are cheaper than box after box of ‘sposies.)

Yes, please.


If you breastfeed, or plan to breastfeed someday, please, please consider using reusable breast pads. Once you get good at reading your nursing body, you won’t even have to wear them very often anyway. They are a little bulkier and you can’t just toss them in the trash, but I’ll bet you really don’t want your child latching on for your perfect, beautiful mother’s milk and getting a mouth full of “hydrogel.”

And, if this line of thinking brought you to the next logical question about other feminine products, the answer is yes. I’m making the switch there too.

I only wish I’d done it sooner.


Hey everyone…speaking of reusable baby goodies….

The Progressive Pioneer is giving away Lusa Organic Products…check it out! One of the items is a baby wipe juice concentrate that you can mix up and use on your reusable baby wipes! Isn’t that the coolest?


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BC o’D

My alarm went off at 2:45am this morning.

I do believe that is what is referred to as the “butt crack of dawn.”

I have it all worked out: If I set the alarm for 2:45, I actually get up at 3. I throw on clothes, then change and feed my boy if I can stir him enough to nurse (a lot of this depends on him…if he wakes at 1 or 2 and eats then, the whole plan is shot.) Then, I try to pump a bottle before heading off to work with both of my boys snuggled in their beds. This way, I can get almost a full day in at work and they hardly know I’m gone. They get to spend the morning together, and I’m home by 1 or 2pm, ready for a fun Saturday. (What I really mean is nearly comatose, halllucinating and dying for a nap, but whatever.)

Do I have a choice? Yes, but I think it’s best this way. There will come a day when my child has no interest in spending the day with his Mom. I’m gonna take it while the gettin’ is good. 

Breakfast? Doughnuts! ….just kidding. What I meant to say was: Mammoth Oats!

No, there is no actual mammoth in my oats. I’m not a big breakfast-meat eater. Just a mammoth portion of oats, almond milk, PB, raw almonds, cranberries, cinnamon and a fat nanner. (Has anyone posted the Doughnut Oats recipe yet? Come on, people. I know it’s out there.)

It isn’t actually all that big a portion…it’s just in a flat, thin container. :) A little over 1/2 cup of oats with a bunch of junk on top should keep my tank full for a while.

And it’d better, because these are just a few of the choices at the Cafe de la Office Caf:

-Double Pork Chop Sandwich

-BBQ Rib Flavored Potato Chips

-”Big Az” fried fish sandwich

-Every king size candy bar known to man

-Fruit parfaits! Made with pie filling, cake and pudding.

…and there’s a machine that will actually cook and bun up a cheddarwurst or hot dog for you. :| It’s magical.

To their credit, there is a wellness program that points out healthy choices with a lovely, very healthy-looking, little green leaf. Where might one find this leaf, you ask? Why, next to the Lean Cuisine, Twizzlers (!), SnackWells cookies (?) and a lone container of 8 baby carrots for $1.75, of course. Ack!

Pass, please.

So, after a morning in editor mode, I’m ready to switch back to the more comfy and oh-so-much-more-cuddly-and-yummy mommy mode.

On the radar for today: shopping for diapers (we’re making the switch to cloth!), some garden fun, and whatever other adventures that happen to divert our attention (which, at some point, will mean food!! Gotta love Saturday food.)

I’ll fill you in on all the haps, right after I wake up.


What is the lunch atmosphere like at your office/workplace? Are healthy options offered? Does anyone want them?

What’s the best food day of the week (for you)?


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