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Breastfeeding and the Tire Garage


A few months ago, as I walked across the parking lot toward our local Michael’s craft store, a man approached me. He looked to be about 75 years old or so, with white hair and a hunched-over posture. “Hey! You wanna see somethin’?” Oh sh*t, are you serious? A dirty old man, in the middle… [read more]

Mama Baby Love Giveaway: A Breastfeeding Prize Package #BabyLove


 The selection of breastfeeding products at A Mother’s Boutique leaves me feeling like a kid in a candy store every time I visit, so I’m thrilled to team up with Ana B Social for this event! The timing is pretty great for me, too, because I’m about to welcome a brand new nursling! Breastfeeding mamas,… [read more]

Happy Father’s Day!

The day my husband became a daddy. You should have seen the bruises he had after my labor!

A big “Happy Fathers’ Day!” to the men in my life. I promise to always remember how lucky I am!

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The greatest gift…

Not too long ago, I celebrated a milestone that, at one time, seemed daunting and out of reach – one full year of breastfeeding. There was never really any question in my mind that I would try to nurse my baby, and I say “try” because that was the word everyone used around me during… [read more]