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What I am is what I am…

If you are what you eat (and you definitely are), today I am a big pile of refined white crap.

And that’s exactly what I feel like.

Before last night’s LLL meeting, the fam and I stopped off at the Cherry Alley in Lewisburg for sandwiches, only to find that they closed at  6. My fault, I suppose, for not checking, but I really don’t understand why so many local places close so early. Bummer.

So we had about a half hour to find a place to grab some eats. Situations like this usually do not end well.

Enter: the worst pizza I’ve ever had. I did not take a picture, but close your eyes and imagine some dry, crusty (not in a good way) bland pizza with a few dried up mushrooms on top. That’s about it.


This morning wasn’t much better. I neglected to plan ahead for oats (thinking perhaps that the Breakfast Fairy was going to show up and prepare something healthy while I slept? As if.) So when I got to my training session I was faced with a choice: cookies, bagel, or no breakfast. I chose half of the bagel that most closely resembled whole wheat, though I’m sure it wasn’t, and a big cup of decaf, which turned out not to be.

So now, I am a jittery lump of dried out pizza and doughy bagel. 

Some people really eat like this all the time?

Double bleh.

Man, I SO know better than to do this to myself.

On a nicer note, here’s a taste of what’s going on at the homestead right about now:

The Garden.

The husbo won’t pull the milkweed because it brings butterflies. Can’t argue with that.

Here he is, planting scarlet runner beans and yardlong beans (they will climb and form the arbor)…

Carrots, peas and rainbow chard…


Staggered beet crop…


Little baby paw paw trees…(My Valentine’s Day gift to him, 2 years ago…)

Some pretty stuff around the spring house…

and the start of our long-anticipated blueberries! Can’t wait to be some blueberry oats!

And those are a few of the things I aspire to be.

For now, I’m back at the Cherry Alley, and I plan to spend the rest of the day being a Thai Tempeh wrap with apples, sprouts and spicy mango sauce. Oh, and a big vegan espresso cookie, too.

Yummy me!


What are you?


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I always knew I was a winner…

Last week was pretty amazing…I won a whole bunch of fun stuff!

First, I won a radio contest on WQKX. I am usually pretty good at trivia, and I figure if I win something, it sorta offsets what I spend on gas. (The environmental impact is a different story and, yes, I feel guilty about it.)

Q: What celebrity male was recently offered half a mil to pose for Playgirl?

A: Jesse James. Had to be.

Woohoo! I won breakfast at Subway!

Except I don’t like Subway. The husbo loves it, though. We’ll give it a shot.

He: Steak, egg, and cheese on flatbread. It was a fattie.

She: veggies on flatbread. This is my beef with Subway. I always end up with what tastes like a pickle sandwich. The options are very limited, and that’s not so fresh. I guess that’s what I get for going to a sub place when I don’t eat processed meat, but they do market themselves as a healthy option. But it was OK, and free! I think bfast at Subway would be pretty decent for those who enjoy sausage, bacon, and egg-type things. Overall, I give it one thumb up and one sideways thumb.

Prize #2: I got an email from Hazelnut Kids letting me know that i had won their Earth Day contest! How fun is that?

I guess I missed the first email. The prize was a beautiful Kathe Kruse Waldorf Earth Conservation Angel Doll!

For my son. 8O

Now, don’t get me wrong. If Finn ever wanted a doll, I’d have no problem with that, and all of his toys are gender neutral right now. But the angel looked very delicate and fragile, and the folks at Hazelnut Kids were gracious enough to allow me to switch out the prize for a rough and tumble boy doll! I’ve ordered from them before, and they always provide great, quality natural toys and exceptional customer service.

A few days after the email, he arrived!

Eek! Let him out!

How cute is he?

Despite the Chuckiness that many people have pointed out, I like him! He’s very unique, and I dig that. He won’t make a very good teether, though, so Finn will have to wait a while to get his hands on this guy.

Thanks again, Hazelnut Kids! (That reminds me…I need to order the Under the Nile fruit basket this week! We already have the veggies, and those things are indispensable!)

And, for Prize #3:

My office recently started up a “healthy” Bingo game. Nutshell: They send out the Bingo card with a healthy choice (eat a healthy breakfast, take the stairs, eat a vegetable, etc.) in each square. You cross them off as you complete the tasks, and BINGO!

A chance to win for doing things I already do anyway?

I’m in!

And I won! $25 grocery store gift card. With my budget, this was an awesome win. I’m thinking basic staples, and one really fun, splurgy ingredient!

Just when I was really feeling full of myself, I noticed this today and realized that yes, despite being a big winner, I am, in fact, still a loser.

(I mean, come on. They aren’t even the same color. One is a random MAN sock. WTF?)


Win anything lately?


NEWSFLASH: NO LIE…while I was writing this post, I received a phone call letting me know I had won a raffle I entered over the weekend while gathering info for our upcoming food road trip. I think I won tickets to a local amusement park. Dude….I SO need to play the lottery…


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That Healthy Me is one smart cookie…

So, I had bread on the brain yesterday…but not so much that I actually remembered to bring my bread with me to make a sandwich at lunchtime. 

 This time I did actually listen to Healthy Me and plan ahead, but forgetfulness won out. Happens a lot lately.

Lemon: I found myself with a can of Nature’s Promise tuna, a little hummus, and some spinach leaves, all the parts to a mean sandwich, except for the bread. (Along with a few leftover Low & Slow sweet potato slices on the side…)

Lemonade: Look how fancy I was with my spinach leaf wrap appetizers!

First on the agenda today: Classroom obervations. This time it’s K through 2nd Grade, so I figure I’ll be  hopping all morning. This calls for a substantial breakfast featuring the always reliable almond and bananalicious Overnight Oats, with a few blackberries for moral support.

Got caught in traffic on the way, Pennsylvania-style…

Don’t you just hate it when people don’t take their own advice? Well, that’s me today. I am constantly talking about the important of planning ahead and making sure healthy choices are on hand at all times, because it’s just really, really difficult to keep your eye on the prize when you’re hungry and crunched for time.

So I pull the brilliant move of leaving the house with no lunch and no snack. And I won’t be home until after 3pm. Healthy Me is totally going to kick Unhealthy Me’s arse if she finds out.

I like the fact that I get really uneasy now when I don’t know where, when or what I’ll be eating for the day. It tells me that I’ve made some permanent lifestyle changes. Yay for healthier lifelong habits!

Note to self: Even when you’re working nearly full-time, juggling projects, caring for a baby, and training for a new gig, it’s always worth getting up ten minutes earlier to ensure a healthy lunch. Especially while nursing. No excuses!


What do you do when you find yourself SOL at lunchtime? Do you have a favorite go-to lunch that fills the void when you don’t plan ahead? Let me know! I need ideas!

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My First Mother’s Day: Part 2

I had an utterly lovely Mother’s Day weekend!

But then, who wouldn’t love a weekend full of rainbows and  miracles?

(Slight) Miracle #1: Imagine my surprise when, after my lasagna-induced bloatfest on Saturday night, I slipped right into my too-small jeans on Sunday morning! Those suckers were too small before I was pregnant! 

Yay for me for losing a pound and a half (I had to check), and yay for me for losing it without trying! I’ve been astutely focused on healthy eating for health’s sake, not limited eating for weight’s sake, and my body is starting to recognize. Nice.

Nutshell-recap of Mother’s Day:

I woke up early to head out and grab groceries and get a quick bit of work done at the WiFi Cafe.

Breakfast was too quick and too small. Bad Mommy.

Found this in my laptop. Love, love, love those boys.

Went to visit the g-mas and drop off these art projects gone awry…

In my mind, these were really cute and we had tons of fun making them. In reality, not so much.

We landed at my folks’ last, where a much-needed dinner was waiting for us. I had grabbed a Van’s waffle to eat in the car, but lunch didn’t happen. Again, Bad Mommy.

I ate and ate and ate. Lasagna, meatballs, strawberry shortcake. Have I mentioned that Moms is Italian? ’nuff said.

I’m kind of regretting not taking any pics, but sometimes trying to capture the moment makes you miss the moment, and this was a moment I wanted to be in.

It’s been a while since I had a meal this heavy. I felt a little weird after, like my blood sugar might be a little whacked out, but my body was screaming for it, so I ate it. Good Mommy.

I did skip the Cool Whip, though. Did you ever read the ingredients label on that stuff? Corn syrup, hydrogenated coconut and palm kernel oils, high fructose corn syrup, etc. Bleh. I just couldn’t do it.

As for the other Mother’s Day miracle…well, my boy, of course. I’ve only had him for a matter of months, but he’s the coolest, funniest, sweetest person I’ve ever met, and my heart is his forever. 

Little did I know the love I was about to fall into when I looked like this, just 6 short months ago..

Thanks for making mommyhood the best thing I’ve ever done, baby boy. I love you.

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Almond Date Cream: Take 2

As mentioned in a previous post, I love almonds and I love dates, so I had to try the Almond Date Cream recipe in my new Vegan Planet Cookbook. (I think the book calls it Almond Butter Cream, but that didn’t seem an accurate description to me.)

The first time around, I couldn’t resist modifying the recipe to include the almond butter I already had. I loved the results, but decided to play by the rules this time and do things by the book…

I wasn’t sure if there would be a big difference in the results.

There was!

I combined 1 cup of almonds, 5 dates, and 1/2 cup of hot water in my little puree machine and let it all soak for about 2 hours.

It took a lot of effort on the machine’s part, but it handled the job. The almonds jammed up a little, so I did have to add a bit of almond milk to help it all blend and achieve a nice texture.

This wasn’t nearly as sweet as my first attempt, and the texture was thick, creamy and a bit grainy. I wasn’t sure about the mouthfeel at first, but I reserved judgement until I added it to my morning oats. 

I dropped a tablespoon of my new creation in with my slightly heated oats, almond milk, and some dried cranberries. I gave it a little swirl and…POOF!…it disappeared! 

I like to keep my ingredients a bit separated in the bowl so I can choose what I’d like to have in each bite. Luckily, I didn’t really blend  the cream in all the way. Just  a little swirl. I was disappointed that I couldn’t really see it, but it made each bite taste a little different. Fun!

One warning: Try to pay attention to where this is in your bowl! The cream and the oats are so similar in color that you could end up with a mouthful of straight almond cream and then the rest of your oats could end up sad and plain. :(

The flavor was creamy, mellow and barely sweet, and the texture was surprisingly nice. Very subtle, but a lovely addition.

Of the two versions, I think I’d have to pick this one as my favorite because the ingredients were completely whole. The almonds are less expensive than the almond butter, too. 

A winner!

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